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Updated on April 07, 2008
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
4 answers

IM sure there are Wahm's on this site (work at home moms) well Im a stay at home mom right now b/c of medical reasons. but i would also like to be able to help hunny with the bills. I went to school and with 2 kids i dont think i can do that right now. im looking for a job where i can work from home preferably with out a degree. I also cant drive or stay out of the house to long so those are other things to consider... any one have any ideas let me know!

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answers from Boston on

I never used to have an issue with working full-time outside of the home until I was injured, became totaly disabled and unable to work outside the home. My husband understood how I felt and would always encourage me to find a work at home businesses but I was very skeptical of each one I looked into, fearing it would be a scam. I did try a couple but they weren’t for me so I gave up. Then one day, purely by chance, I read an ad by a woman who was able to become a stay at home mom because she found a home-based business that actually works! So I contacted her and got all the information and I was so impressed and excited that I got started that same day!

Finally!! A legitimate opportunity to work from home that is risk-free, scam-free, and there’s so much training and support available you can’t fail! Not unless you allow yourself to, of course.

Now I work from home and haven’t looked back since! If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to be able to spend more time with your child(ren) and bring in some extra money each month, I would love to help you work towards that goal. To request more information click here www.momstakeaction.com and I will contact you myself. Rest assured, your request will only go to me and no one else.




answers from Louisville on

Hey!I work for THE MOM TEAM! I love love love it!I LOVE HELPING OTHER MOMS WORK FROM HOME! The Mom team is for everyone! Men, Women, Mommies, everyone! If you want more information you can see my web page and request more information! Good Luck!!




answers from Louisville on

Hi E.,
I have my own business and I work from home doing it. I love it. It also allows me to work around my daughter. I work when I want to and how I want to. Why don't you go ahead and check out my website. www.mommawork.com Hope to be talking with you soon!!



answers from Louisville on

I have an awesome job with Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry. I don't know if you have heard of them but they are a Christian company and focus on stay at home moms. I just started with them in October of 2006 and LOVE it! You would be doing sales but trust me the jewelry sales itself! You would need to be able to get out catalogs and have some home shows. If that sounds like something you would be interested in let me know. It is a great way to make extra $$ or it could be a full time career. It's just whatever you would like to put into it. You can make loads of $$ doing this. My husband is so excited about me doing this that he backs me 100% and asks me whens your next show?? I would love to fill you in on the details so contact me and I can give you a call or email the info to you. Blessings :-)

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