Reapplying for a Job

Updated on June 22, 2012
D.B. asks from Eau Claire, WI
6 answers

I applied for a job about 2 months ago and go rejected. The job has since been reposted. Can I go ahead and apply again? How long do you wait before reapplying?

They told me exactly what I needed to learn to be hired and I have been learning it. I also know what questions I didn't answer well and have been working on those as well.

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answers from Biloxi on

I say re-apply. Mention in your cover letter that you have been acquiring the skill set that they suggested and that you feel even more qualified to meet their needs now.

Good Luck !!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Update your resume and reapply.

I would also do a cover letter reminding them that you have already applied but you took their advice and have started learning x,y,z and hope that they will reconsider. It will look really good to them that you listened, took their advice and acted on it. Shows initiative and a real desire to work! Good for you!

Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

There is no law that says you can't reapply whenever you want.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, you can absolutely apply again. Make sure that you put first and foremost on your cover letter that you have updated your skills as requested by them. If it's only been a couple of months and they recognize your name, they might reject your resume quickly if they can't immediately see that you've improved your skills specifically for this job.



answers from Washington DC on

What's the worse that can happen if you reapply? They don't call you?



answers from Redding on

It can't hurt to reapply.

They won't know you're still interested if you don't.

Best wishes.

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