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L.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a real work from home job that will allow you to work your own schedule? Because of the economy I am being forced to quit my job and be a stay at...


Husband Looking for a Job

J.L. asks from Dayton

Hey everyone...My husband is looking for a job. Anyone know of anything that is hiring. He has a lot of security experience. Let me know. I would love to help him out...


My Little Pony Cakes or Cupcakes

P.M. asks from Chicago

Do you know of any place that makes My Little Pony cakes or cupcakes? Meijer, Jewel, Dominick's and Costco don't. Thanks.


Telecheck - Grr!!!

M.B. asks from Dayton

Normally I pay cash for most things, so I don't write many checks. This week I skipped the bank and headed grocery shopping. I wrote a $25 check at one store then h...


Best Way to Get Coupons

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, I am all about saving money this year and I am looking for advice on different ways to save money, especially on everyday name brand groceries. I woul...


Financial Advise, Pre School, and Potty Training, Jobs, I Need Advise on LIFE!!

J.G. asks from Chicago

I am going nuts. Ever since my son was about 2 months old I've stayed at home with the kids because it's been too expensive for daycare. I watched one boy for about ...


Play Sets for Toddlers

V.S. asks from Lima

I have a 2 year old daughter and a 2 week old daughter. My husband and I are currently looking for a play set for our toddler. We've looked online through Walmart, ...


Seeking Part Time Work in Warren Area for Evenings

A.B. asks from Detroit

I need to find a job in the warren area. I have experience in waitressing, server, walmart, gas stations. Really need to find one because Christmas is coming and bill...


Being the Mom

A.S. asks from Detroit

I was just thinking this morning that men never think about anything but themselves. Who got the kids winter coats,boots,Christmas presents,Christmas dress,and wakes ...


Extremely Dry/Cracked Skin

S.F. asks from Dayton

My almost 6 month old daughter has extremely dry skin. I just noticed today that the skin in the folds on the back of her legs is cracked. I don't give her a bath, ...