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Updated on April 19, 2012
R.H. asks from Fayetteville, AR
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Have any of you ever been guilty of taking a job that you really had no intent on keeping--but needed income/experience until your ideal job came through? I applied for a job in NYC that I really have no intent on keeping (it starts July 1) if my ideal job hires me to start early September here locally. Is this wrong of me? I have always wanted to work in NYC..

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So What Happened?

Thanks, I have already applied to both. IF granted the job in September, I will NEVER have to mention the (one month) NYC job as they will have already called my references, etc. For future resumes', I will just say that the adjustment to NYC was unbearable to me--culture shock, etc.).

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answers from Bellingham on

Yes, I've done this. But for future references don't say the adjustment was unbearable! Just say you really enjoyed the short-term work and gained a lot from the time you were there, contributed to the organisation in such and such a way, but then you were made an offer that gave you a wider scope for professional,development ( and then you can say, and now I'm ready to settle down and stay with your company until my dying day ;).

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answers from Houston on

There's nothing wrong with it. My only suggestion is to give some thought as to how you will address two things - what reasons will you give your current/NYC employer if you quit after a short period of time and what reasons will you give to your future employer as to why you only held that NYC job for that short period of time? Look at the situation from both employers' positions and make sure you address any concerns they may have with your professional intent and loyalties. The working world can be surprisingly small sometimes. You wouldn't want to inadvertently leave a bad taste in someone's mouth, resulting in a backlash later on when you least expect it. Also you can’t say you took a job for money alone. While that answer may be truthful, no one wants to hear it so give some thought to answers which have the correct amount of business/professional spin while glossing over the bare facts of trying to put food on the table. Remember employers want you to look stable, professional, reliable and loyal. Good luck.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

How exciting to work in NYC...you're a dance teacher/professional if I remember.

I have never had a position where I could even live up to my potential in two months. I have been in my current role for a year this month and I still feel there are medical developments every day I need to keep up with.

Have fun, best of luck!

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answers from New York on

Why would it be wrong for you to work in a place you always desired to work? NYC is great for some but not for others. I used to work in NYC for years and the moment something opened for me to work in my home state of NJ I went for it. Being an introvert, NYC can be very overwhelming for me. It is a great place for me to visit but I find it difficult to maintain the level of energy you need to be in NYC. Way too many people for me.

When you look back over your life, if you are like me, you don't want to have many regrets. I also love new experineces.

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answers from St. Louis on

I took this job while in school because of the flexible hours. This is so not the job I will retire to but I am just not yet willing to give up the flexible hours so I will be here until my third hits high school.

So yeah, this job.

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answers from Savannah on

Totally normal, and I don't really think there's anything wrong with it. You have to put food on the table, AND gain experience somehow...and as a former TX girl myself, I think a job in NYC sounds adventurous and awesome. Take hold of it, enjoy it for all it's worth....not only is it job-related experience, but life experience too.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We don't accept jobs by signing in blood a contract binding us for life, right?!

(Non-competes are another story and may or may not apply to you and affect future jobs.)

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