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Updated on April 20, 2011
S.D. asks from Peoria, AZ
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I have applied to a job in Nov. Got an interview and got hired. Got paper work in, finger printing done and then my paper work sat on a desk for two months. Then come Jan....I started my series of calls . Excuse after excuse and lots of false hope to April and I mean I called every other week, talked to the same supervisor and asked my questions.
" We misplaced your paperwork, found it and will process this week"
"We are sorry it took so long, but we are getting your references this week and we will call you for orientation"
"We need some more information on your application so we can process you and call you next week"
Now today the excuse is " Well they may freeze the funds to hire, but I will let you know if you need to fill out the application again"

Okay I know some of you may say move on..........but this is a speciality job involving the Deaf Schools here in AZ. I have applied for 5 years and finally got the closest that I could ever be to this job and they keep putting me off. I am trying to be patient and kind when I call, but this is becoming rediculous. What would you do ?????

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answers from Omaha on

I'd be hard-pressed to work for an employer that gives me that much run around BEFORE I'm an actual employee... but that's me.

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answers from Redding on

I hate to say it, but I think you should consider their words closely. "They may freeze the funds to hire".
It sounds to me like they may like to hire you and all this run around is more about whether they will have the money to offer the position.
I, personally, would rather someone just tell me up front that what they were hoping for may not happen. That way, it lets you loose to look at other opportunities.
Also, I'd be wary of getting hired and being there a couple of months and THEN being told a budget freeze of some kind has led to them having to let you go. I know you've been trying hard for this position and hoping to get it, but I don't think you should hold your breath about it. Unfortunately, something else could pass you by as you continue to wait.
This is tough and disappointing I know.
It just doesn't sound very definite to me.

Best wishes.

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answers from Phoenix on

What would I do?
I would volunteer right away for an hour or two a day. You've gone thru all the screening process. Trust me, the will find a way to have you start almost immediately as a volunteer. They will see your work and you will see how they operate and within a month you will both know if it is a fit. You will be a paid employee before you know it (they will find the loophole to hire you for a salary once they get to know you an realize your talent and enthusiusm).
Quit dreaming about it and do it, good luck!

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answers from Portland on

It sounds like this is something you really want. I would keep calling back every 2-3 weeks to check in and continue to be cordial. (Of course I would look for other work too.) You have your foot in the door with this specialty job, and they are hard to come by. I think if you keep in contact with them it will eventually pay off. Hang in there!

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answers from Modesto on

Anything worth having is worth being a pain in the neck for. Since they are still keeping you dangling I'd keep calling. They havent given you any type of definite answer so I'd say you are still in the running. It probably is a funding thing due to the economy. You probably should be looking for alternative jobs while waiting, but continue to pursue that one. If you keep talking to the same person every time you call, maybe you can get a friendly relationship going that could help nail you the job. I'd snail mail inquiries too.



answers from Philadelphia on

When were you suppose to start? Guess I would keep calling but definitely pursue other opportunities. How horrible to string you along like this.



answers from New York on

I certainly can understand that these things can take time, especially around the holidays. To me it sounds like they never had a position to offer you in the first place. They are just trying to get everything in place so that if a position is available, they will be able to actually hire you quickly.

I think it's time to move on.

Maybe in another month or two, you'll get a call and that would be great, but I wouldn't count on it.


answers from Austin on

I would call again only after a full 2-weeks has passed. After all, you're not desperate--and you don't want to look like you are. If after 2 weeks, they still can't start you, I wouldn't call again for 3 weeks. And after that, if you still get strung along, give up and they will call you if and when they can... However, I'd start looking for a new opportunity now, because you can't put much faith in it after how you've been treated.



answers from Atlanta on

Honestly that is a representation of how the company runs....although sometimes it just takes a company time for various reasons sometimes completely out of their control. Honestly if this is the way they treat you now-imagine how it will be when you get there. Then again it could just be "particualrs" within the company and be a great company to work for. Example: my company has to do a series of background checks and security checks, etc. because we deal with the that does take time. However our HR person needs another person yet the company won't hire anyone else to help...she is overwhelmed but at the same token she has been the worst HR person I have ever seen in my life. I like her as a person-very wonderful sweet gal but to get an answer or response from her is like an act in congress....however she is overwhelmed but the company I work for in a whole is a wonderful company....there are just some "challenging" people. Have you talked to other employees there to find out how happy they are....wish there was a annonymous website employees could go to and leave feedback about the company kinda like we do about certain stores and certain products. I think more people would be hestitant to use it though for fear of the company finding out who they are and them getting canned. Also where one person is a fit another person may not be too.....some things to consider here but honestly if it were me I don't think I would want to go thru all their hoops only to be very unhappy...if its really "meant" to be then it will be. I would go and search elsewhere....maybe once the job offer is on the table you would have more "choices" then. Perhaps they wouldn't offer you as much as someone else would....I know all about those "dream" jobs but sometimes in the end what was indeed a "dream" turned out to be my very worst nightmare!!!! Good luck on whatever you decide.......each company is different.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would definitely check in from time to time. Sounds like this might be a job where funding/hire freezes, etc might be common, but from the responses you're getting, it seems like you're right up there on the list! It might just be a large bureaucracy thing?

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