Do You LOVE Your Job?

Updated on February 25, 2013
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
17 answers

Most of us LOVE being a Mommy! BUT, I am talking about a job aside from parenthood. Do you work another full time job that you love? Or at least enjoy going to 8+ hours a day?? If so, what kind of work do you do? And, why do you like it so much? OR I'd also like to hear about what you DON"T like in your job. I'm in a rut, and wondering what other jobs are like. I'm retail management- TIA!

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answers from St. Louis on

Well now that I have been promoted out from under my wretched boss I love my job.

I joke I am a magic eight ball but pretty much an analyze data and report what I find. Ask me a question I give you an answer. I love it because it is never the same thing every day. It is also nice that if I need to I can work from home.
Dawn I think she was referring the troll's post above me. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I hated working full time. Now I stay home. I like it much better but get bored sometims since my friends all work,.

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answers from Dallas on

Ugh, Jo. Seriously. Always answering questions you were asked. Geez!!!!

I stay at home, but I do work part time at home. I am a seamstress and I work for a local company. I do the jobs at home.There is enough work for me to do it full time, but I could never manage working that much from home. I do love it. Obviously, it plays to one of my strengths. It's not hard work for me, and pays well.

ETA: Dawn, sarcasm intended...

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answers from Pittsburgh on


I love my job very much and am thankful to have it. I teach middle school and it is stimulating in so many ways. Every day is different, it's fast-paced, I have the ability to create my own systems of organization and structure, I can be creative, I have great breaks with my family (my hubs is also a teacher), a supportive administration, a safe environment and supportive staff / friends, and am in a district that continually strives to be even better and motivates its teachers to never settle. It's a great fit for my "type A" personality.

I think it would be AWESOME to be able to do this part time, but it isn't possible right now (in my discipline), but as it is, I believe it's a blessing and I am very thankful for the opportunity to engage in something I love and help to provide for my family, too.

I hope you find your "right fit"! Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

Added - thanks Bug - I feel better now. And I just realized after looking at the other poster's stuff that it's one of the many trolls we have had to put up with this weekend. UGH!!

Original: Actually, that's what Jo DOES do for a living, analyze data. You guys misunderstand her answer. She DID answer the question too. 1babygirl, I used to work fulltime. I was younger, very organized with my kids, had daycare and loved working. When I stopped working, fulltime motherhood was really hard for me. I DID like getting to be WITH other adults during the day instead of only talking to little kiddies all day.

What I didn't like about working full time was that my house was usually a mess. It was all I could do to be organized for my children - I couldn't get everything else done. Even having a cleaning service come in wasn't enough, but it helped. I WILL say that precious time after work with my kids, instead of fussing with the house, was worth it. But having a messy house got on my nerves.

You are already used to working full time, so consider looking at a different job. There are tests you can take to help you find something else that you would like. Job counseling is helpful for that.

I understand being in a rut. It's okay to try to change things up. Just try to educate yourself before you do it.

Hope this helps,

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answers from Kansas City on

i'm a team lead in an office environment. i LOVE my job. but it's not the work - i think finding the "perfect job" is a myth. i think a "task" you enjoy doing, and get paid for, for the rest of your life, is a great fairy tale -but would it be so perfect, if the people around you sucked? even the best most perfect "job" or "career" in the world would not be worth it, surrounded by jerks. i was very blessed to find a supervisor that is amazing. together we have built a great team. i have quite a bit of control (which is something i like). so yes, i love my job.

(Jo...i know!...i'm a firefighter. all i do all day is run around putting out fires. true story! my boss even has a fire helmet in his office just for this

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answers from Austin on

I have done a lot of part-time jobs over the years and nothing was worth being away from my kids. They suffered when I had to adjust my schedule for the job. The job took time and energy away from my family. I did not like the person I was when I had to work outside the home. My husband also suffered because I was not there for him either on those days that I worked. Dinner wasn't prepared on time or it was take-out. The house was not as peaceful because I used up my energy for someone else and I was spent. I hated it when I didn't even want to hear about my kids' days.

Now that the kids are grown, I can work part-time and do what I want. My husband and I are investing in our future by getting involved with a direct sales company that was founded on principles of integrity. It's like no other company (and we have tried a lot over the years) - no autoship, no getting burned, no apologizing to people, etc. People keep buying the products because they can't live without them. They work. And the people that are helping us are very successful and are people of great character.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I LOVE my job. It's not full time. I work 12 hours a week at the YMCA in the babysitting room. When my kids were little they just came to work with me. They still come with me in the summer, or if I work an evening or weekend. The Y is such a pleasant place to be, I guess because the people who are there are taking care of themselves, in mind, body and spirit. I can stick around and work out or go for a swim after work. The Y is really fun for the kids, I get to cuddle with the babies and I work with a great bunch of ladies. I do plan to eventually work full time as an educational assistant, but I will hate to leave my Y job.

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answers from Hartford on

I used to enjoy retail management, but it got so tedious. The hours were terrible and I couldn't spend time with my family on holidays. I missed a lot of special moments with my husband and our families. When we had children I quit retail completely and started working in customer service in a high volume call center for a well known insurance company's annuity line. Then I got out of that and did a lot of office assistant/unit assistant/administrative stuff. Then I became a stay-at-home-mom for ten years.

Now I'm an advocate and employment specialist, and I also do a significant amount of office administration and support. I meet nonstop with disabled consumers to help them get services and give them pre-vocational and vocational rehabilitation. I help find housing. This week, I'll be training for some data entry to help out one of my coworkers, and trying to fit 12 hours of work into 4 hours a day. I'm already fitting 8 hours of work into 4 hours a day. ;-)

I love my job. I work in an Independent Living Center, and my department is an Employment Network to boot. We help keep people with disabilities in the community, living and working so that they don't have to rely as much on their SS and SSDI payments and other benefits (trust me, they're not much). I work in a cross-function capacity with other centers, nursing homes, retirement facilities, Goodwill Industries career centers and with government departments like BRS and Social Services that do similar things to what I do in order to help my consumers.

We work with Part B and through private funding and grants. These are people in real need.

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answers from Norfolk on

Sometimes it's not a matter of you leaving a job.
Sometimes the job leaves you.
My company is in the process of re-organizing and my job is being off-shored.
They are going to a business model of %70 low cost center (India).
That's %70 of a company of 93,000 employees.
Most of the rest of my department will be losing their jobs too.
We get to train our replacements.
I've got 3 weeks left and with sequestration hitting my area big time no one is hiring - they are all laying off.
I love my job and the company expects a whole lot of loyalty but they give precious little in return.
I've worked continuously since finishing college in 1986.
My husband still has work but we're losing 1/3 of our income.
I was a programmer for 15 years and then a business analyst but the work was mostly administrative assistant.
Technically this is the 2nd time my job has been off-shored.
I'm not sure how things are going to work out.

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answers from Houston on

I could have the best job in the world and still hate it. I am 54 and tired of working. I want to retire and babysit future grandkids. Hurry up age 62.

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answers from Boston on

I am a business data analyst working primarily in the investment services division of a global consulting and benefits outsourcing firm. Basically, I use giant databases to research and answer random questions from all areas of our business - internal partners, external clients, vendors, consultants, journalists, etc.. I also coordinate the production of some cyclical reporting and manage data streams that support regulatory requirements and client needs. I like that I have tremendous flexibility (three days at home, two in the office), there are always new questions to answer, and my responsibilities change all the time in response to business needs.

ETA: LOL Jo I love the Magic 8 Ball analogy. That's pretty much what I do too. I used to describe myself as "the answer lady" - bring me your random questions that no one else in this firm that employs literally thousands of people can answer and I will find an answer or hand you off to the right person. I'm going to steal Magic 8 Ball.

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE my job! First of all, I love what we do - we work with insurance companies to place people who have lost use of their homes due to fires, tornadoes, etc. We work hard to make these people as comfortable as possible during a very difficult time. I work in the accounting dept, which I love. My direct boss is awesome! She is the sweetest. And the owner of the company is great also. She flies us somewhere great every year for a company holiday party. Plus she treats her employees great, and has earned everyone's loyalty. Everyone that works for the company feels like it is an extended family. And best of all - we work from home. I think I have the best job in the world.

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answers from Sacramento on

Nope, right now I am kind of hating my job! BUT I am happy to at least be working, especially since I was laid off last March. My current job is temporary. It was advertised as a part time job, but I have been working 8 hour plus days. Prior to being laid off I was working a part time job, hours varied each week. Sometimes I worked 5 days sometimes 3 days, come weeks 12 hours other weeks 30 hours. The thing I loved the most about my old job was that I pretty much made my schedule. I was given assignments and as long as the assignments were completed in the given time range, I was good! 95% of the time I was able to go to work after the kids left for school and I was done in time to pick them up. With this temp job, I rarely get to pick them up and have to depend on others to help me out, I do not like that!



answers from Baton Rouge on

I love my part-time job - PCA for a friend's handicapped child. My full-time job (office drone) is just what I do to pay the bills so that I can do the things I enjoy on my days off.


answers from Washington DC on

i love things about my job. i love that it's part-time, that i have midsummers and midwinters off. i love that i teach what i want, with my own syllabi that are totally self-created. i love being in front of a classroom, and bringing people along with me in falling in love with great tales and historical people and periods.
i don't love the prep work. not just because i don't get paid for it, but because it's very time consuming and work-intensive. it's also weirdly why i love it, because i love what it does for me intellectually even while i moan and complain about having to do it.
and i really wish it paid better.
but i'm grateful i don't have to work 3 jobs any more, or something grueling and soul-deadening. i put in a lot of time on those jobs, and this is better.


answers from Dallas on

Yes, I love my job. It's never boring. :)

I teach high school AP English, and one SAT/ACT prep class.

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