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Housekeeping in West Fort Worth

hi moms! does anyone do housekeeping in or around white settlement? can some people who might be interested give me some rates and a quick overview of all the things you perform. i have never had one, nor have my parents ever had one, so i don't really know the whole process. thanks!

Accepting a Messier Home

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Setting up a Household Schedule

Hi! I'm a new mom to 3 through international adoption. Son is 10, daughter is 8 and youngest daughter is 3. Wonderful beautiful children! We've been home with them for 5 months now and I am REALLY struggling to get a household schedule in order. I work full time (3 days in the office, 2 days from home). The two oldest go to public school and my husband runs his own business from home. I am finding myself nearly constantly stressed b/c my house is always dirty, my laundry is always piled up (either dirty OR clean waiting to be...


Kids Messy Bedrooms

OK, I am curious how you moms feel about your children's bedrooms. I have...

Find a Cleaning Service

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Seeking Cleaning Lady

looking for a cleaning lady for weekly hire and another mom would hire the same lady bi-weekly

Natural & Homemade Cleaners

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Seeking Ideas for Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

I have recently become aware of the toxic nature of most household cleaning products and their particular negative effect on the developing systems of infants and children. I have noticed that many stores are beginning to offer non-toxic cleaning supplies, but they are so expensive. Any advice on how to make cheaper non-toxic cleaning agents from common household materials (baking soda, etc.) and how to use them? Thanks!

Stain Removal

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Help! Need Stain Removal

My son got sick after drinking a glass of strawberry milk. It threw it up all over my white floral carpet. I quickly put Bissel stain removal agent on it. Next, I attempted to rug clean the area. It has not come out. Does anyone know of any magic stain removal products that just might get my rug clean?


Pet Stain Removal

Hello everyone! Does anyone know of a product or home remedy for pet urine...


Stain Removal Woes

I am having a huge problem trying to get stains out of my kids clothing. ...

Tips & Strategies

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Did FlyLady Work for You?

Have you tried using FlyLady? Did it work for you? ((I've seen it mentioned quite a few times and went to check out their site. Just wondering what people's experiences were, actually using her schedules and tips.))