Housekeeping: The First Years

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Kids & Cleaning

So my kids (3 & 6) help straighten the house. Pick up toys, clean their rooms, clear/set the table - stuff like that. How old were you kids when they started really CLEANING? With the cleaners and mops and sponges and gloves - like the bathrooms or whatever? I'd like to start teaching my daughter (the 6 yo) the real cleaning, but I'm very careful myself about using gloves and not coming in contact with the cleaning solutions. I don't want her to irritate her skin. Nor do I want a bigger mess than I started with :) I am aware of...

Find a Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Service - Costs and Recommendations in San Ramon

I've never had a housekeeper clean my house before but I work full time and have infant twins so it's time. I found a great cleaner but this morning I choked on my Wheaties when she quoted me $250.00 per service for every other week on a 2200 square foot house with 2.5 bathrooms. That seems like too much to pay for house cleaning. I am crazy? Is this the average rate? She came by herself this morning. Questions: What are you paying for service and would you recommend your cleaner to me?

Stain Removal

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Used Cribs? a Yes or No?

I am getting ready to shop for my first baby crib. I recently read the book "Baby Bargins" and they recommended NEVER getting a used crib. I know older cribs don't fall under the new safety regulations but what about cribs within the last few years? What have other moms heard or experienced?

Tips & Strategies

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Dividing Household Chores

How do people divide up chores between themselves and their spouse? (Our daughter is only 2, so picking up toys is about her only chore). Until very recently I have worked a 40 hour work week, while my husband works only every 3rd day. The division has been: Me grocery shopping/meal planning/cooking laundry bedtime for our daughter tending to the garden cleaning bathrooms cleaning daughter's room and playroom planning entertainment or get-aways Him cleaning up after dinner naptime for our daughter tending to the yard or...