Housekeeping: The First Years

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Kids & Cleaning

So my kids (3 & 6) help straighten the house. Pick up toys, clean their rooms, clear/set the table - stuff like that. How old were you kids when th...


House Problems!

hello ladies, im not sure what else i can do! my soon to be husban and i have be...

Find a Cleaning Service

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Stain Removal

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Used Cribs? a Yes or No?

I am getting ready to shop for my first baby crib. I recently read the book "Baby Bargins" and they recommended NEVER getting a used crib. I know older...

Tips & Strategies

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Dividing Household Chores

How do people divide up chores between themselves and their spouse? (Our daughter is only 2, so picking up toys is about her only chore). Until very ...