Jff Who Is Messier - You or Your Husband?

Updated on September 22, 2011
P.S. asks from Houston, TX
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Hands down I am. By no means I'm no slob, but when it comes to our clothes, his clothes never touch the floor - they are either tossed in the hamper or hung up. My closet floor turn into my dresser on really busy days. But, when it comes to food, he can be a pig. He leaves crumbs (which is why he isn't allowed to eat anywhere but the kitchen) and has a hard time putting little things away, like the knife he used for the peanut butter or the empty bag of chips on the counter.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm clean but messy, he's dirty but neat.
I clean under piles dust, mop, sweep, but am a collector and a homeschool mom so "stuff" is everywhere. But I can not stand dirty. .
He sees clutter and barks at us to pick it up but can't see dirt. Like the dog hair floaties.
He'll clean the dishes, but not wipe the counter and stove, I'lll rinse all the dishes until later and clean off the counters, stove and wipe the table.

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answers from Dallas on

Me!!! I'm messy, but my husband is dirty. I leave things everywhere, but vacuum, mop and scrub. My husband tidies all week, but has never scrubbed a bath tub in his life.

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answers from Houston on

My hubby and I are both equally messy, but he is much better at tidying things up. I seem to have clutter blindness and what I think is clean he can come in and make it much cleaner. Granted we aren't slobs but with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 job it's sometimes hard to keep up with everything! Luckily he doesn't complain about the messiness and I don't complain about he only helps clean once a month!

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answers from Seattle on

Me. Hands down.

But I'm ALSO the only one of either of us who cleans.

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answers from Dallas on

Him! I would die of shock if he picked up after himself.
Im not kidding :)

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answers from Detroit on

My hubby is, all the way. I am not perfect, but at least I clean up after myself and I get annoyed enough with mess to do something about it. He will leave his clothes all over the floor for weeks at a time, leave crumbs and stains all over the counter, and is barely aware of the "drippage" that ends up all over the toilet because of him. Almost nothing gets put away where it belongs. I have to ask him to do things and remind him of stuff constantly. I shudder at the thought of what would become of our house if something happened to me.

But then of all things for him to anal about, he wants our glass shower door to get squee-geed when one of us is done showering. And gets annoyed when I leave my shoes all over the place. And I'm like, really?

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answers from Houston on

Sometimes i refer to my husband as "hurricane Matthew". Hes very clean in his hygiene but everywhere he goes comes with a storm of papers, cords, electronics, glasses of half full water, magazines, lighters, wrappers, boxes, styrafoam packing material, socks, shoes, hats, pants, belts.......etc etc...

Im a clutter hater, i love the old adage "a place for everything and everything in its place"........I watch the episodes of Hoarders in sheer amazement, I give away perfectly good stuff all the time by the box full because i feel clutter messes up my "energy flow".

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answers from Norfolk on

We're both pretty neat and clean around the house. My wonderful husband definitely has a higher tolerance for piles of paper (bills, junk mail., etc) than I do. I LOVE to throw things out.
My car is a mess, though!! Like this morning, I was eating some celery sticks on my way into work, and I just tossed the plastic baggie on the floor like I was raised in a barn. I think it's because I ONLY use my car to drive back and forth to work--20 minutes each way--and whenever I get in the car, I think "Oh! I should clean out my car!!" And then the feeling passes by the time I arrive at my destination.
I don't like messes, but having two little kids has forced me to become comfortable with the idea of Matchbox cars all over the family room.


answers from Boca Raton on

Neither of us are messy, thankfully~



answers from Savannah on

He's anal retentive. (lol)



answers from Charlotte on




answers from Austin on

My husband is the neat, organized one. He is able to finish a task before getting bored or distracted. I am getting better. I am not a slob either, but I have to have one room that everything can be tossed into until I can get to it (or decide to get to it). Every time we have moved, we have to tell the realtor that we need an office (though my husband probably has another name for it).


answers from Austin on

My husband and I are both messy(and able to stop seeing messes after they've been there awhile), and we both grew up with clutter-happy parents and grandparents. When we were in college and neither of us had a dishwasher, we would pile the dirty dishes in his bathtub. We just took it as another sign that we were meant to be together.
I consider myself to be more organized than he is. He piles papers, mail, and receipts on every flat surface in the house, and is annoyed when I condense several piles into a basket. He leaves his dishes on the sofa, and does not put away tools after using them. I don't have to have things perfect, but I like messes to be contained- junk in the junk drawer, dishes in the sink, tools in a toolbox, clean laundry in a basket. But I often forget that I was doing laundry and come back 2 days later to wrinkled clothes. And then he gets teased at work for having a wrinkled shirt.


answers from Rochester on

Well, let's put it this way. Clothes go on the bathroom floor. Onion peels, cauliflower shreds, used coffee filters...on the cabinet ABOVE the trash can. Dirty socks right in the middle of the living room floor. Water all over the bathroom after a shower.

Who does this? Well, it's not me, but I sure do have to pick up after it.



answers from Denver on

hahaha - I had to laugh because we just had this conversation 2 days ago. My closet can definitely be a wreck. Embarrassing but I spent a good while never actually seeing the floor on my 1/2 of the walk-in!!! He, on the other hand, has such a messy desk I cant stand it. He has papers and envelopes and little slips of papers everywhere. Every so often, I sort it out and put it in a clear box and label it. The last one has been sitting on the edge of his desk for 3 yrs!!!


answers from St. Louis on

We are the same. We both hang up clothes the minute they leave our bodies, we both clear our plates and put them in the dishwasher, we both are pretty much clean people. Where we diverge is I don't have the energy to always chase my kids when they are being messy. Then again he doesn't seem to have the energy to nag me when they do so perhaps we are on the same page there as well. :)



answers from Fargo on

I confess, it's ME! I try sooooo hard, but keeping things picked up is so hard for me. Especially in the kitchen. I'm a great cook, but a messy one! Thankfully my husband is sympathetic to my trouble and helps me clean up after myself. :)



answers from Dover on

I am not a neat nick, but he is insane. He hangs up his military uniform and puts his dirty clothes in the corner and that's about the long and short of it. You should see him wash dishes. God love him, he tries, but he is the only man I have ever met that can make a mess cleaning up. He likes things picked up from the floor, but then he puts them on the tv, the counter, etc. He shaves his head and the mess he makes in the bathroom in the morning would have to be seen to be believed. It's like he had a shaving cream fight with himself! Washrag in the tub, clothes on the bathroom floor, hair, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, the whole shebang all over the bathroom counter......but that floor.....neat as a pin.


answers from Tampa on

It's a toss up... my mess tends to be paper clutter and clean clothes waiting to be put away (nicely laid out but in a huge pile because I never get to then for hanging up) - whereas my husband has plates/bowls/cups stacked up all over his computer desk and his clean laundry is crumpled in a pile and wrinkly.


answers from Dallas on

you must me my twin, my husband is the same way, but my clothes, which I fold, but never seem to get anywhere after that, sit on our guest bed, till time to wear...


answers from Houston on

Well I say my hubby is but he swears I am, so it's hard to say, neither of us are clean freaks for sure! I think I am dirtier, like in the past , I would look at my night stand sometimes and see some food wrappers, a couple water glasses, a coffee mug...it was bad sometimes. Just getting caught up and not taking the time to clean that area. So now, I just always keep it clean, but I am really intentional about it. My hubby is a clutter bug, he won't leave dishes etc but his stuff can just be EVERYWHERE!!!! I don't like a lot of clutter, so I tend to straighten up much more that he does. So I win the dirty award and he gets the messy prize :D Luckily I do realize that we can't live in either state, so I am ALWAYS cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Chicago on

My husband...seriously...can you say pack rat and leaves fruit peels all over the place.


answers from La Crosse on

by far hubby... all ways around.


answers from Phoenix on

I'm the piler and my hubby is the picker-upper so we make the perfect couple! I put things in piles everywhere and he cleans them up...so funny! I'm blessed with a husband that doesn't mind cleaning, does all the laundry for all 5 of us and has never complained about it. =)


answers from Boston on

my car is FAR messier than my husbands but in the house totally opposite! I am always cleaning up after him and the kids.. example his clothes were piled and folded neatly on the floor next to his bed and was told to put them away 3 weeks ago, now they are spread all over and putting them away is a waste of time cause they are now all dirty and need to be done again. lol


answers from Seattle on

My Husband. That man is a walking mess tornado lol. He was raised in a house where two of the functioning adults were hoarders and the others just didn't care. I was raised by my dad who taught me everything has a proper place. We go head to head over it some times, but after almost three years I have all but given up and clean it all myself.


answers from Dallas on

He wants to be clutter free, I'm fine with the lived in look until I am ready to clean on the weekend.

We are messy in differant ways. He shoves things in any hideyhole they fit into, under the bed, in the closet, anyplace out of sight. And he stacks things. He wants the house to appear tidy. No visible clutter.
I want it clean. I would rather a pile of laundry be in front of the washer waiting it's turn than stuffed down into a basket with a towel folded on top of it, just because it looks tidier. I am more likely to leave things out until I am ready to clean them. But when I do, I do it thotoughly and put things where they go instead of just setting them on the mantle or under the coffee table.

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