Deep Spring Cleaning! Looking for a Good House Cleaning Company.

Updated on March 18, 2010
W.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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Our house is in the process of remodeling. I'm looking for a really good house cleaning company that will clean my house from top to bottom. Looking for someone that is meticulous, trustworthy, and honest.

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Rose Howell who works for My Maid, is very thourogh. She is a total neat freak, and very professional. I use to own a housekeeping company when I lived in Canada, and I only hired girls who were meticulous, and quick. My standard are pretty high I never let anyone clean my home except myself, because I am the only one who could ever reach my expectations....until I met Rose. When you call you have to request her though, or they will give you someone else, and I never use any other girl. Rose is very trustworthy. The company she works for is located in McKinney on the east side of 75. I am not impressed with her boss, or co workers, or their office location, but Rose is worth it!

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I highly recommend Debra Aycock. She has cleaned mine and my mom's house for a while now. I have also used her to do make-readys on homes I have sold/rented.

Deb - ###-###-####

Good Luck!
K. M.

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Nina Hayes Cleaning company came in and did a great job on our place last summer when we put in wood floors...very impressed and not a terrible price for what they did. Very thorough.



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My mom and sister have a cleaning company called Two Desperate Housewives Professional Cleaning Service. They do a WONDERFUL job and have very reasonable prices. They can even customize a cleaning specific for your situation. Their website is Give them a call!


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