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Seeking Ideas for Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

R.M. asks from Dallas

I have recently become aware of the toxic nature of most household cleaning products and their particular negative effect on the developing systems of infants and chi...


Seeking Recommendations for Non-toxic Cleaners for Wood Floors & Stone Counters

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all: I'm preparing our home for the arrival of our baby girl and am seeking recommendations on non-toxic cleaners for wood floors and stone kitchen counters. S...


Need a Non-toxic Disinfectant to Clean Toys (& Books?)

J.W. asks from Portland

Hi Moms, What do you use as a non-toxic disinfectant to clean toys? I recently purchased some used toys and would like to clean them before my child plays with t...


Looking Fo Non Toxic Cleaner

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

I use all non toxic cleaners in my home. My 5 yr. old daughter has allergies so I do my best to control what she breaths in. Since we all know that school is a breedi...


Looking for Non-toxic Carpet Cleaner

A.G. asks from Spartanburg

Well, after only 4 months of living in our new house, the carpet is pretty dirty. Little boys and a muddy front yard, you see. It needs to be shampooed or steamed o...


Homemade Natural Disinfectant

M.P. asks from Denver

In an effort to save some money, and keep toxins out of our home, I have been searching for a natural disinfectant cleaner for our bathrooms and kitchen, that I could...


Do You Have a Housekeeper That Understands Shaklee Non-toxic Cleaning Products?

P.W. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a good house cleaner in Dallas that uses Shaklee Non-toxic Cleaning products. Do you know of one? Gamma - I prefer Shaklee products because they a...


Wasp's Nest--seeking Non-toxic, Non-treacherous Solutions!

L. asks from Mobile

Hey all, My daughter found the beginnings of a wasp's nest in her playhouse. I don't want to spray in there, and I'm thinking I'll just have to whack it (with a b...


A Good Disinfectant for Granite

M.M. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know of a good Disinfectant cleaner you can use on Granite countertops? I am a germ freak (I have 2 kids) normally I use bleech on everything, however yo...


A Good Disinfectant for Toys

B.M. asks from Detroit

Hello All you wonderful moms!! I was wondering if anyone uses or knows of a disinfectant that is effective, but gentle to use on toys. I have tried the Lysol disinf...