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Updated on September 10, 2012
M.S. asks from Mesa, AZ
5 answers

Does anyone recommend any affordable house cleaners in the Mesa/Gilbert area? I'm looking to have someone come clean my house every 2-3 weeks. My husband and I both work full time and I would like to spend my days off with my family instead of cleaning every weekend. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm in Gilbert too and have asked this question soo many times and never get a good response. I wish you luck. I'm going to keep an eye on your responses, maybe I can find a good house cleaner too. :-)


answers from Phoenix on

I am not able to recommend as your too far from me. have you tried Merry Maids, craigslist , friends , co workers for interviews of thier people ?



answers from Denver on

I don't live near there so I don't have a company to offer, but I do have a suggestion. Interview several companies and see if you can 'a la carte' your cleaning. I have a housekeeping service, and they clean everything except for my bathrooms (long story). This makes it pretty cheap. Most people would want the opposite- to have them do bathrooms and maybe pick and choose what not to do. Just a thought. There are probably hot-spots and things you would rather they do, and things that you probably don't mind. Work it out with them so you save money but still have some help. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I've always used individuals over the years because my mother cleaned houses all my life working on her own. From recommendations of friends or co-workers I find someone to trust and provide a key and LOVE returning from work to a clean house.

I just returned to work so I immediately contacted my friend to come clean my house. She started doing it on her own last year and I know she's good since her house is always so ridiculously clean. So she might have room for a few more clients. If you want her e-mail I'll give it out privately, but I'm not comfortable posting someone's personal information here. She's living in Gilbert bordering Mesa.


answers from Houston on

Make sure to hire a legal person. Arizona is cracking hard on person's who hire illegals. Google it. I'm not saying whether I agree with the ruling but it is you, not the maid who is hit harder.

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