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Milk Spill in Car = VERY SMELLY!!!

A.P. asks from Chicago

About 2 weeks ago, we spilt almost a half gallon of milk in our mini van. We cleaned it up as much as we could immediately. The next day, we removed all of the sea...


HELP!! How to Get Urine Out of My Sofa!!!!

M.J. asks from Boston

Yesterday during a nap on my microfiber sofa, my 3 year old daughter had an accident in her sleep. She has been fully potty trained for a year now, so this was totall...


Microsuede/Microfiber Couch

C.A. asks from Springfield

We are looking to replace our couch and love seat. They are both Durahide (fake leather) and have literally fallen apart in the 3yrs that we have had them. This is ...


Buying a Couch

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, although this is a question unrelated to parenting, since I've learned that there are many knowledgeable parents on this site, I wonder if I could get your input....


Stain Removal

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

I am very fortunate to have recieved many wonderful hand me downs for my daughter... but they leave me baffled. How do other mom's keep the clothes so clear!" DD ha...


Small Children and Buying a New Sofa- Advice

I.R. asks from Austin

Hi moms. I would like to ask you for some advice about buying a new sofa. I have a 29 months old and one on the way so my question is: What is your experience with...


Leather Sofa - Do You like Yours?

M.E. asks from San Francisco

We are thinking about buying a new leather sofa. My husband has had negative comments from a couple men who said that the leather sticks to their skin and is uncomfo...


Red Jello Stain on White Linen Upholstery, Yikes!

B.O. asks from Portland

How does one get red jello out of white upholstery? I have found out that red jello stain is not organic, as an all day soak with Nature's Miracle only spread the sta...


I Need to Buy a New Sofa! Where Should I Go??

K.D. asks from Dallas

ok Mommas, I need your experiences! I need a new sofa (sectional). The one I have was purchased through Rooms To Go. In less than a year it was broken in the middle. ...


Urine Stain (And AWFUL Smell) on Couch

D.C. asks from Chicago

Hi there~ My daughter (who is potty-training) decided to use our couch as the toilet! ARG. Not that my couches are the greatest but we don't have the $$ right now t...