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Crayon on the Wall

K.G. asks from Harrisburg

Any suggestions to get my 2 year olds artwork off his bedroom wall?? It's also on the door. Dithe magic erasers really work?


How Can I Get Aquaphor off the Wall!

E.M. asks from Chicago

I put Aquaphor on my son after his bath and he then put his hands on the wall, leaving greasy prints. Is there any way to clean the wall?


Dry Erase Marker on the Wall

L.P. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know how to remove dry erase marker from the wall?! My four year old colored our kitchen wall with black dry erase marker!! We tried magic eraser and cl...


Wall Appliques/stickers WON'T STICK...HELP!

A.G. asks from Tampa

I just bought some wall appliques/stickers and peel-and-stick wall paper border but it will NOT stay up. Any suggestions on what I can do to make them stick. I cannot...


I Need to Remove Artwork .... Help!

H.F. asks from Los Angeles

My sweet, intelligent, beautiful, artistic two year old decided to leave her mark on our apartment the other day. How do you remove crayon from flat wall paint? Are w...


How to Remove Pen Marks off of the Walls

J.J. asks from Chicago

My daughters decided to draw all over a wall in our house with crayons, pencils and pens. I was able to use a mr. clean magic eraser on the crayon, the pencil I was ...


Does Sharpie on the Wall Ever Come Off?

G.W. asks from Dallas

Here we are, 2 weeks before we are scheduled to move out of our rent house after living here for 2 years, and my daughter has taken a black Sharpie and written on a p...


Dry Erase Marker on My Wall

T.B. asks from Dover

My son got a hold of a Dry Erase Marker and got some on the wall. Any advice on how to get it off without damaging the paint. I've tried the Magic Eraser and it onl...


How Do You Remove Permanent Marker from Walls?

C.S. asks from Houston

My two year old got a hold of one of my black permanent markers took it upstairs and decided to decorate the doors and some of the walls. Is there anything that will...