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Need Cleaning Tips

Hello all! Need help please! I am going over to clean my grandmas house this week and desperatly need some assistance with two major problem areas. First, her shower... it has the worst shower scum and mold I have ever seen. Its an offwhite shower, antislip floor and completely disgusting! Second, the miniblinds...they have so much dust and grime you would never know they were white. A friend of mine said I could soak them in the tub...can you do that and what do I soak them in? Any help with cleaning tips on these two things...

Find a Cleaning Service

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I'm Looking for Your "Homemade" Cleaner Recipes.

I'm in the process of Spring cleaning and I was wondering if anybody had some home made cleaners that they really love and work well. I'm looking for "natural" cleaners that I can mix up myself, like water and vinegar. I have 2 little boys and would love to find cleaners that work really well without all of the chemicals. Just wondering what you use, the ratios and what type of dirt they work on. Thanks

Stain Removal

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Cleaning up Stains

Any advice on how to clean up grease/oil stains on clothes (they don't come off!) and mattress stains? My son had a bloody nose one night and left a stain on his mattress. I should use a mattress pad from now on!