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Milk Spill in Car = VERY SMELLY!!!

About 2 weeks ago, we spilt almost a half gallon of milk in our mini van. We cleaned it up as much as we could immediately. The next day, we removed all of the seats and had the carpet and floormats professionally cleaned. The detailer used ALOT of orange cleaner to try to clean the spill and get rid of the sour milk smell. Now, the orange scent is gone, but the car still stinks of sour milk. I've tried febreeze, but it hasn't worked. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get rid of the horrible smell? Thanks so much!


INK Stain Removal?

Can you please tell me what I can use to remove a ink stain from my husbands...

Dirt & Grass

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How to Remove Grass Stains from Jeans

My 11 yr old son has ruined ALL of his pants! There are grass stains all over the knees. Does anyone know how to remove these? They have already been washed so does that mean the stain is already set in?


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Grease on My Carpets!

Yesterday a large puddle ( I guess that is the right word for it!) of grease fell off of our garage door. I didn't notice this and stepped in it. I then walked all through our house, went back into the garage and left for awhile. I didn't notice the grease all over the carpet and garage until I came back home. I tried regular carpet cleaner on it (thinking it was paint or dirt or something) and all that did was spread the stains- luckily I only tried it on two stains in the basement. So now I have quarter sized grease stains all over my...


Grease on Cabinets

help!! I fried some potatoes in a deep frier and now i have grease spots on...

Marker, Crayon, or Ink

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Removing Crayon and Marker from Walls

My son decided to color the living room wall with crayon and the toy room walls with marker. Does anyone know how to get Crayon and Marker off the walls? I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Dawn with Oxy dish soap and water, WD-40 and it comes off a little bit but is still on there.


Pen on Leather

Hello everyone! My 2 year old son got a hold of a pen and "colored" on our...


INK Stain Removal?

Can you please tell me what I can use to remove a ink stain from my husbands...


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What Would You Do If Your Cat........????

Ok, I have a cat and we do love him dearly, but I'm not so sure it is worth it to keep him!! We live in an apartment house type thing and when someone new moved upstairs with a cat, our cat starting to spray everywhere (EWW)!! I did not have him nuetered before b/c he is an inside cat. Needless to say I ended up getting him nuetered, but he still pees around the house sometimes. I have scrubbed and cleaned wherever he goes, so i don't think he can still smell it. Also, for whatever reason, he will poop right outside of his litter box...


This Cat Again....

I have posted about this cat before. She seems to spit up/throw up...


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Wine Stain in Baby's Overalls

Hello Moms, and especially the laundry wonder women out there! We went to a wedding last night, and I was talking to a friend at the reception. Someone jostled her and she accidently spilled red wine on to the back of my baby boy's quilted cotton overalls. They are medium blue. Of course, even if I had known what to do about wine stains, I didn't want to strip him bare, so now it is a 12 hour old, dried wine stain. Oh dear! Any ideas on the best way to try to get the stain out? Thanks so much!