Housekeeping: Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation Cleaners?

I just started using the Seventh Generation disinfecting spray and I love it. I was wondering in any moms have tried any of their many other products and if so how you liked them. Thanks :).

Find a Cleaning Service

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Melalueca Products or Seventh Generation Products?

I am have bought some Seventh generation products at the Whole food store and a friend that sells Melalueca has gave me some to try out.Does anyone know much about these products or have any opinions. I would like a safe biodegradable product to clean with since I have small children.

Natural & Homemade Cleaners

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Seeking Ideas for Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

I have recently become aware of the toxic nature of most household cleaning products and their particular negative effect on the developing systems of infants and children. I have noticed that many stores are beginning to offer non-toxic cleaning supplies, but they are so expensive. Any advice on how to make cheaper non-toxic cleaning agents from common household materials (baking soda, etc.) and how to use them? Thanks!

Stain Removal

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Stain in Tee Shirt

Okay, so when my husband went to take the turkey out of the pan on Thanksgiving it slipped and splattered his tee shirt. I did not know just how bad until after I washed it and dried it. Any suggestions on how to get the spots out of tee? It is one of his favs and I would love to get those spots out. Thanks!


Cloth Diaper Washing

What detergents have you used to wash cloth diapers? I guess we're looking...