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Carpet Cleaning - Rug Doctor

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hey ladies! I was curious to see how many of you have used a "Rug Doctor" carpet cleaning machine, have useful tips to share, and how you may have sped up the drying...


Gum in the Rug!

S.D. asks from El Paso

I just found that somone has tracked chewed gum onto the oriental rug in our bedroom. It's a pretty tightly woven, heavy wool rug and I have NO idea how to get the r...


Please Help - Stain in Carpet!!!!

S.W. asks from Dallas

Our house is on the market and I have a pinkish-red small stain in the living room carpet. I think my son dropped his Cherry lollipop on it yesterday and didn't tell...


Milk Spill in Car = VERY SMELLY!!!

A.P. asks from Chicago

About 2 weeks ago, we spilt almost a half gallon of milk in our mini van. We cleaned it up as much as we could immediately. The next day, we removed all of the sea...


Rug Doctor & Rug Dr PRO

E._. asks from Dallas

My carpet is FILTHY. I was wondering if these are even worth it to use? Or would it be best to just buy one? If so what brand? If thr Rug Dr is good how much does it ...


Red Wine Spill on Tan Carpet, HELP!

M.W. asks from Washington DC

Hello Mama's! Last night, late, red wine was spilled on my new tan carpet. I didn't have anything to clean it up with. So I used lysol wipes, better than nothing I...


How to Clean Syrup up from Rug?

S.Z. asks from Houston

Hi, I recently spilled syrup on my rug, it's not a shag rug, its a short haired rug. Any ideas on what I can use to get it up. I did try my new carpet cleaner vac,...


What's the Best Carpet Stain Remover Product?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies- The products I've bought to remove stains from my carpet don't seem to work that well. I have to work the solution in really hard to where it gets tirin...


Removing Pet Odor from Rug

A.H. asks from Boston

I have a 12-year-old dog who had several accidents on our rug the other night. I was able to remove all of the stains but I can't get the pee odor out of the rug. I...


Coffee Stain on a Rug

T.W. asks from Syracuse

Yesterday morning I spilled coffee on my rug and didn't have time to clean it up before it dried. I tried cleaning it last night by scrubbing the rug with water and ...