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Home Maintenance Made Easy

A friend of mine will soon be a first time home owner. Having always lived in apartments myself, I know that there are regular maintenance jobs that go along with a home, or bleeding your radiators, cleaning the vents, chimney cleaning etc. who would a person turn to to learn how often that sort of thing has to be done and get a tutorial on how to do it? I am not in a position to advise. In the same way that I know that the oil in a car needs to be changed because the men in my life have always taken care of it, I wouldn’t know how often...


Gardening and Kids

For those of you with a green thumb, what have you found that works well...


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Family Pets

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Is Anyone on Weight Watchers?

Hi Ladies! I need some weight watchers help. I have started weight watchers, I havent actually joined because we are trying to save as much money as possible, my friend gave me all of her old weight watchers material and I have been going off of that. Its been going great, Iv lost about 17 lbs. All of way baby weight! But I am still 12 lbs away from my goal weight. My question is, I am down to 18 points a day, and I have to admit, I feel like Im starving, I really want to stick with it and stay on track, but its really hard to stay...

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Weight Watchers Online

Hello! I am thinking of joining the weight watchers online program and was wondering if anyone else is on the same program. I want to join the online program because I don't have time to commit myself to going to meetings. If anyone was successful on the online program I would love to hear there story.

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Daugthers Weight Problems

Help for teenager daughter! we have a daughter that will 16 in april. She is very over weight. Diabtets runs in my side of the family. We have tried everything we know to do. She has seen the doctor and Dietechian(sp).My oldest got on to her and she lost 7lbs. but has I think has gained it and more. She wears a 14 in pants. I have been doing weight watchers and went from women sizes to normal sizes. my husband is watching his fat. So its not like we eat whatever. We all have tried to talk to her in a caring and loving way. I know how it...