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Updated on September 07, 2010
M.T. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms -
We are in the processs fo building a new house and are now looking at appliances, can anyone recommend (or not recommend) any of these brands? GE Profile Series, Electrolux, or KitchenAid We have looked at all of them and they all seem to have their pros and cons, but I was hoping that someone that has these can really comment on them. Thanks for your help.

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answers from Chicago on

last weekend we had to buy a new stove & washer. After reviewing Consumer Reports & learning that Frigidaire is made by Electrolux, we went with the Frigidaire Gallery double oven convection stove & dishwasher too. It's only been a week so I cannot really say if they are going to hold up, but so far so good.

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answers from Kansas City on

We went through three, yes three, dishwashers in five years in our house. Two of them were GE and they were awful.

When we had to decide if we wanted to repair or replace the second one, we asked the repair guy what he would do. He said he would buy a Maytag. That's what we did and life has been good ever since.

We also replaced the stove and fridge with Maytag products. I know they are not on your list of choices in your post, but I guess my point is to be careful with GE products. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

We built our house in 2000 and put GE Profile Oven, Stovetop, Microwave and dishwasher in. We got a top of the line Maytag fridge at the time.

Go forward to 2010.... the GE's completely suck. You can't run the cleaning cycle on the oven or you will burn your house down. I learned this after the fire department was at my neighbor's house and they told us to never do that again. The microwave crashed twice... we did repair it with a high grade part (not under warranty) and it works but the keypad is cracked now. The cooktop blew out as well. We replaced the horrid dishwasher with a top of the line Maytag.

The great new Maytag dishwasher died within 3 years and the Maytag fridge died about the same time.

We've now had Kitched Aid dishwasher (about $1200) and fridge (about $1500) over 3 yrs and LOVE them. Last Christmas we replaced the cooktop with KitchenAid ($1500) and LOVE it.

We are replacing everything with KitchenAid as we upgrade.

Good luck



answers from Chicago on

I bought all KitchenAid (fridge,dishwasher,electric stove,microwave) when we moved into our house in 2001. Within 6 months the large burner on my stove had to be replaced (right after warranty of course), the handle on my microwave actually cracked and pulled away from the unit and no matter how much liquid cement I have used it won't stay so I have to pull from the top and hope that one doesn't go too. My dishwasher has small plastic pieces that hold the upper tray from falling off the rack. They are supposed to be removable if you need to remove the upper tray and we do for cleaning our air filters from the furnace. One completely snapped off and so one side now can pull out so I have to be extra careful that the tray doesn't come out too far. Also, this weekend, while removing the upper tray another plastic piece snapped off in the back which was suppose to keep the wheels attached to the tray and we had to zip tie it together. My fridge has been pretty good except the large bins can be a bit fickle and the water feature never produced any water beside a slow trickle. I ended up using a brita filter and skipped using the fridge all together. I talked to the sales guy at Best Buy where we purchased the items and the only info he told me was that the microwave handle issue is quite common on all units and that it may be best to get a push button open microwave to avoid it. Long rant but I will not be buying KitchenAid for my appliances again.


answers from Spokane on

When we bought our house, almost 11 yrs ago, every appliance in my kitchen was far so good! I can honestly say that their appliances are good, especially the trash compactor! Only had to replace the dishwasher so far ~knock on some wood!



answers from Chicago on

We have had our Electrolux side-by-side fridge for a year now, and the computer board has broken 2 times already. They cannot seem to figure out what's wrong, and we have had to let go of many of the "oooh wow that's cool" features it had. We must pre-rinse everything first with our GE Profile dishwasher (2.5 years old), and run it on the "cook ware" cycle every time--not saving any energy there! Our Electrolux double oven, however...a complete dream! Cooks evenly, has many options for the baker. My only complaints are it takes forever to warm up if you do not use the "rapid pre-heat" button, and it uses a lot of energy.



answers from Chicago on

Frigidaire is a good one. I've read that they are manufactured in the same place and by the same company as Electrolux. We got our range,2 dishwashers, microwave, and fridge/freezer last year. I had not intended to buy a "set" but I found that every time I chose an appliance it was a Frigidaire! I have been very very happy. Everything looks great, works great and I have not found one single 'design flaw' or thing I wish it didn't do.
Have fun!
Oh yeah and I have not used GE kitchen appliances, but our washer GE lasted exactly 21 months. GE offered to fix it for $700 +$84 service call fee (the thing only cost around $450). Our independent appliance repair man advised against all GE appliances..



answers from Minneapolis on

Last year we remodeled the kitchen and bought all Frigidaire appliances. The whole package which included fridge, dishwasher, over the stove microwave with exhaust fan, and an awesome oven with convection was fairly cheap and they work great. We haven't had a single problem with any of the appliances. The dishwasher can actually get pans spotless without even rinsing them first. Gotta love that.



answers from Chicago on

We bought Kitchenaid and have been disappointed. Dishwasher door pulley broke twice (not covered under warranty) door handle of microwave broke off, oven doesn't heat properly and fridge filter system broke . We put these in 6 years ago!



answers from Chicago on

We've been happy with our Bosch dishwasher and Electrolux refrigerator. Enjoy!

Mama S.



answers from Chicago on

We bough all new appliances when 4 years ago. Kitchen Aid stove and fridge. They are fine - no complaints.
The only thing I would caution anyone would be w/ front loading washers. Back when we got ours there wasn't one on the market with a soak setting and that just stinks. I would trade mine in a heart beat for a top loader! We have a Samsung front loading washer & dryer. They look nice and work well but like I said no soaking option so when we have stains we have to soak in laundry tub/sink which is a hassle...... Plus there is no setting for load size.



answers from Chicago on

The latest consumer reports (8/10) has appliance reviews. We just had to replace our fridge and went with LG. Their fridge has a 10 year compressor warranty!



answers from Chicago on

We love our GE frig, oven/stove, and microwave. We aren't super in love with our current GE dishwasher, but in our first home we had a GE profile dishwasher that was great.

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