Has Anyone Experienced with Buying Appliances from an Online Store?

Updated on January 12, 2012
L.L. asks from Berkeley, CA
5 answers

Hello Mamas
I need to replace my dishwasher and after comparing, here are a couple of options I have: buying at a local store (nice people, good advices), that would charge $60 for delivery (about 4 miles from my house, ridiculously expensive) and a higher price for the same model, or from a big chain such as Lowes or Home Depot which delivery and haul away the old one for much more reasonable price, or buying from an online store, that would deliver for free, AND there is no sale tax. We have always had great experiences with buying electronics (TV, camera) from online store, but I wonder how risky with appliances, since they are much more heavy and expensive. Any advices?

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answers from Las Vegas on

During a recent kitchen remodel, we purchased our new wine cellar from HomeEverything.com. It arrived on time, undamaged, and so far, everrything has been fine.

Good luck!

J. F.

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answers from Norfolk on

I tried to order from an online store for my Washer and Dryer. Initially I was told one week for delivery, but they called the next day and said they needed 3-4 weeks. I think it might have been www.homeeverything.com or what looks like a competitor (they are really all the same store I think because its fishy that several websites look similar and are all from the same area of new york). We ended up buying online, but from a retailer with a less jazzy website and who I called to talk to. I've also bought online at sears and that went well.

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answers from Houston on

Lowes delivery/haul away is FREE, always has been. Personally, I wouldn't buy anything that big, that I couldn't push the buttons on myself in person before dropping the cash. Not that Lowes couldn't show up with the 'wrong' product on delivery day, stuff happens. But that large of an item, I wanna check it out in person.

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answers from Dallas on

We almost bought online about two weeks ago when my oven went out. We were ready to pull the trigger until we read the fine print. Many of the places only give you an extremely short window to return damaged items. So if you find out a week later that a cycle isn't working properly, they will not do a return, you have to go through the manufacturer for a repair. At least that is how it is for the stove we almost got. (We too have had great electronics experiences online). I can't remember all the places online we were shopping, but they all seemed to have that in the fine print, 1-3 days for a return or exchange. And like the other poster mentioned, many items will not be quick delivery. Call and check before you buy. One place said two day delivery and when I called I was told my stove was back ordered and it would be closer to four weeks. Lowes was willing to match the prices for AJ Madison, but they did have to charge us sales tax. ( It worked out ok though, because they had all appliances 10% off, which would have saved us the sales tax.) In the end we didn't have to price match, because the stove we were looking at went on a terrific sale.

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answers from Sacramento on

We bought our washer and dryer online through Home Depot. I had researched online and knew just the models we wanted, but local stores didn't carry them. So, I took a chance and ordered online. It worked out fine. They arrived just as they would ordering at the store. HD people arrived with them and installed them for us. No complaints at all with how it went.

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