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Updated on March 12, 2013
C.W. asks from Austin, TX
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Hi moms! First of all, I love this site and enjoy reading it daily. I have made several posts over the years and have received the best advice about parenting for my little angels. This is an unrelated topic but I thought that some of you might have some good ideas.

My husband and I are moving soon into our new home which is more than double the current square footage of our little home. Yeah, we need the space and are super excited! But with a bigger home comes the need for more stuff. We are going to need to get new living room furniture, dining furniture and a bed room furniture for our room. I love the classic Pottery Barn stuff and will probably get some stuff from there but we don't have 30k to do our entire house in. In fact, we are probably going to need to do one thing at a time and be patient and save, which is fine.

My question is what other stores besides PB are out there that have that same quality look and feel w/o being so expensive? I love the dark expresso woods and the slip covered couches. It seems that when looking at other furniture stores, that the quality just doesn't compare. What are your favorites?

Thanks ladies, in advance for any advice both on stores you love and previous bad experiences with places to avoid. We currently live in South Austin and are moving to Wimberley, so would prefer to stay local in the central TX area.

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i dont know if you are all set now:) but as a tip from another mom here i like crate and barrel too for affordable nice stuff. another good thing is this site i found where you see normal homes and their interior design solutions and inspiration on www.stylerooms.com - people have uploaded their photos and you can just search what you are looking for. great help me albums too. Best J.



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HI C.,
I have never spent a large sum of money on furnishing our home. There were always other needs that took the money . But, my son and daughter in law have used two places with much success. Actually, we had to use our credit to get them a credit card with one of the places, but that is besides the point. They like Ikea and Rooms to Go. Their house is beautifully decorated and furnished. My daughter in law is an artist and has done paintings for the house as well as painting some of the rooms. I would also check out Craig's list for furniture to start off with before you can buy enough for the entire house. Yard sales in nice neighborhoods may also bring some good results. I found a beautiful, antique table at a yard sale for $20.00. Well, That is all I can think of at this point. Good luck. J. K.



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Congratulations on the upgrade!

Along with Craigslist, you might want to check Ebay, to see if there's anyone in Central TX that has what you're looking for (thus, avoiding shipping costs, if you go pick it up).

If you didn't know already, there is a Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos. We got a ROCKIN' deal on a kids desk, paying only about 1/2 or 1/3 what the original retail was.

Good luck, and remember: MOVE is a four-letter word. ;-)




answers from Austin on

Your moving close to San Marcos and they have a PB outlet store that has bargains a lot of times. Also we bought a desk for daughter and it was similar to PB in quality and much cheaper. We were please with it. Shipped directly to our house. www.homedecorators.com



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Congrats on the new home!

I would also try World Market (Cost Plus), West Elm, Z Gallerie, Etsy (online), Pier One, The Room Store, Four Hands (in S Austin off of 290/71 - awesome place!), Crate & Barrel (pricey, but maybe a bit less than PB).

I also just moved last year and have had to completely furnish my new home so I'm def doing bits and pieces, but I have found a lot at these stores. I'll keep looking at your responses too in case there are any new places I should check out.

Good luck..have fun!



answers from Austin on

Hi C.!
Congrats on your new home!
My advice to furnish on a budget is craigslist.com.
Some of it is cheap stuff that won't last -- However, quite a bit of it is nicer. Prices vary, of course. You can make "Pottery Barn" part of your search parameters.
It's a really great site. I would recommend checking pretty much every day for new items - the good stuff goes fast!


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