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Robotic, "Da Vinci' Hysterectomy

HI Mama's- After dealing with stage 5 endometriosis for the last 20 years, being done having babies, and being one of the 'lucky' ones who has post baby endo just as severe as before-I've decided to have a hysterectomy. Uterus only-procedure will be robotic/less invasive. Can you share your stories regarding recovery? I'm no stranger to surgery with 6 laprosopies and 2 c-sections under my belt, but I'm still curious on what to expect-worse, better-the same as my other surgeries? Thanks!

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What Do You Buy an 8 1/2 Year Old Boy...

What do you buy an 8 1/2 year old boy who is already "over" nerf stuff, legos and transformers?? He loves to read, play video games and build stuff (other than legos, like model kits and that sort of thing) and that is about it!! Video games are expensive so he will probably get ONE but other than that and a couple of board games I have no idea what to get this kid for xmas! My MIL was asking last night and I literally couldn't think of anything :/ He has already had 3 of those little flying helicopters and they always break, and isn't...


New to Florida

I am a single mom starting a new career right out of college. The job is in...

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Looking for Pet Sitter to Watch Dog at Their Home for 5 Days...

Hi, I am looking for a pet sitter who can watch my dog in their home from 7/26 - 8/01. Or if someone can recommend someone that they have used? Da Vinci is a 4 yr old mini rat terrier/dashund. He is great around kids and cats....he is good around other dogs of course after he gets to know them. He is house broken and very much a lap dog that likes to lick. Thank you in advance for your help!!


U for All the Respon

I need to replace all of the carpeting in my house because my dog (elderly...

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Novasure After Vertical C Section or Hysterectomy? Help!

My gyno recommends I get Novasure ablation. I have been bleeding for 4 months straight with gushing (lots) until I finally got a progesterone pill from my new gyno (old gyno is a whole other story). I am 53 so I can't just continue taking the progesterone. I have multiple small fibroids and two big ones that are off to the side. I had a classical c section 12 years ago (vertical scar). Has anyone been in a similar situation snd had a successful Novasure ablation experience? Otherwise, a hysterectomy is my only other option.