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Updated on November 16, 2010
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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So my lovely husband is thinking to get me some help around the house every other week and I am so beyond stoked about that, it is soooo needed!! Anyway, my question is, what do your housekeepers usually do? I keep up with the dishes, the cooking, the counters,the trash, I vacuum pretty regularly and keep the toilets clean. But things like laundry, baseboards, my non-carpeted floors...they get overlooked way too often. So will a cleaning service help with laundry? Will they do your oven or fridge? I used to have someone come in half a day once a week when I lived in Mexico and she could clean my house top to bottom, iron, fold and put away my laundry, she was amazing, my house was always clean! But of course my home was smaller and it was only my stuff and I was hardly ever there. So what is reasonable to think a service can handle, coming in twice a month? Do I need to prep my house so my maid can get more done? How is this done here? Thanks for any advice!

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It just really depends on the people. If you hire a service they probably have specific things they do and won't do. If you just hire an individual, they are sometimes more flexible and may do whatever is asked of them. I've had the same two ladies for many years. I was one of the ladies children's first grade teacher, so totally trusted them to be in my house.

My people do general house cleaning....but they do a much better job then I do on my regular cleaning. Yes, I clean for the cleaning people...or should I say I pick up and put away. I want them to do the cleaning, they can't clean if my stuff is in the way. Mine do clean the fridge and organize my shoes as well. They will fold laundry if it is in the dryer, but they don't really do laundry. They will do extra stuff if I ask, but sometimes charge an extra fee. I once asked them to clean my baseboards...they did an amazing job...but charged me a lot.

The best thing about having a cleaning service is that it is the only time my entire house is clean at the same time. I clean everyday...seems like all the time, but with 3 little ones, getting the whole house clean in one day just isn't possible.

Most important, find out up front what they will and won't do. Discuss with them what you want done and write it down so there is no misunderstanding.

Most importantly...enjoy...I've had to cut back to once a month..and although I know it is a huge luxury...I do miss the twice a month.

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I am an individual cleaner and I do the dishes (if asked), counters, cabinets, baseboards, doors, doorways, polish furniture, dust, bathrooms, vacume, sweep and mop. Laundry is usually not on the plan, but if I were to be asked, I'd do that too, for an extra charge. Wish I was in your area! :)

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If you hire a private housekeeper you can include all the duties that you list. She will use your products and follow your directions. Expect to pay by the somewhere around $20 to $25 per hour or $100 a day. I have never heard of a housekeeping service that will do laundry and ironing. They generally do a routine cleaning and things like baseboards, refrigerator, oven, windows, blinds, etc. are priced as separate individual tasks. Depending on the size of your home you can expect a minimum of $125 per visit which will generally be 2 cleaners that get the job done in half the time. 2000 sq ft home may take 2 to 2.5 hours. Vacuum, mop, dust, make beds, clean bathrooms, clean kitchen (exterior of appliances) and empty the trash is pretty much the basic routine cleaning.

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