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First Response Ovulation Tests

have any of you had luck using the first response ovulation tests? i used a friends fertililty monitor when i got pregnant w/my son, but we can't afford one of our own, so i was just wondering about any experiences w/the first response ovulation tests. thanks!!! (i also am charting my cycle and doing basal body temp in the morning)


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So, We're Buying a House--need Tips!

Neither organization nor planning is my forte, so please help me out. What's the best way to start packing up my house and getting ready to move? I suddenly feel utterly overwhelmed by what we have to do. We close in 60 days and between having 4 kids, managing 3 properties, and just general living I am stressed by the thought of getting it accomplished.

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What Are Your Expectations for Adult Children at Home?

Another question got me thinking about all the "needs" and "wants" of people over 18 (mostly out of HS). What do you feel is appropriate for an adult to receive from you and why? My situation is that I have a sophomore in college SD and a graduate SS who lives with us PT. We support both to an extent. SS pays a minimal rent to stay here (and storage fees when he's not, since I can't repurpose his room). We pay for SD's apartment (less than campus housing) but she is expected to work and pay for her own utilities, food, etc. SS pays for some...


How to Home School

I am actually a teacher and have spent the last 10years in the classroom. I...


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What Do You Put on Whole Wheat Tortillas?

While my little ones love whole wheat bread, I am introducing whole wheat tortillas just recently. I would like to make them yummy so they are not turned off right away. Suggestions? I am particularly looking for things I can send with them to school in their lunchboxes. Thanks moms!


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Get Rid of Cat?

My son has had pneumonia 3 times since August and has most recently been diagnosed with Asthma after a 4 day hospitalization. My question is do you guys think we should get rid of our cat? I have a good home for her but do not want to upset the kids if it isn't needed. Any other suggestions to help control asthma triggers in our home? We see the dr. again tomorrow but would like to hear other mother's experiences. I can't take a whole winter of sickness! Thanks you all!