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Updated on October 28, 2010
L.W. asks from Livonia, MI
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Hey Mama's
I am planning a ladies night in cooking class with my cousin who is a local caterer. Has anyone ever done this in thier home or attended one before? I know i will suggest that the ladies bring thier own ingredients and specific pot that they will need what other ideas do you have? Should i have a couple of hot plates as extras just in case?

Thanks for taking the time

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answers from New York on

I attended a cooking class/demo once and it was a blast! Consider your kitchen when planning, though. For us, the hostess asked that we bring specific ingredients to contribute to the meal- including wine and containers for leftovers.

Her kitchen was very open, but not enough burners for everyone so we we each were given a task to contribute and the chef talked us through the recipes. Some were "cold dishes", others on the stove and the main course was in the oven. We had the chance to observe, participate and feast!

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answers from Detroit on

I've helped with lots of cooking classes at churches over the years. We did the cooking in front of them, so they could observe, or even help, and see how it turned out. If you have that many people cooking at once it could get really tough, and if you use that many hot plates you'll probably blow a fuse! :) (Two electric frying pans going at the same time did it during my wedding weekend at my parents house).

I'd just suggest a monetary donation for the ingredients and you purchase them. That way you don't have people struggling to find stuff or forgetting something crutial, etc...

Best wishes, these are fun and the ladies should LOVE it.

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answers from Saginaw on

My sister does something like this once a month. I can't remember what the name for this meetup is, but she gets together with friends and they learn a new dish to cook.

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