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Updated on February 21, 2011
K.S. asks from Chandler, AZ
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Okay--so my dishwasher and all my appliances are Kitchenaids. When the previous owner redid the kitchen--they paid a lot of money for these appliances--but they actually are really crappy. I can't replace them all right now---and the dishwasher is in the worst shape of them all. So, my question is--Does it matter to you when buying a house if all the appliances match---as far as brand name goes? Is it a big deal? They are all stainless steel and I will replace them with stainless steel. Just curious if it matters to anyone.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much, Mamas. I totally feel the same way---it wouldn't matter to me as long as they were 1) working well and 2) all the same color. SO, I think I've decided on Bosch. That is the one I got the most recommendations for---and then when I told my husband he said, "Oh! That's one of our companies! I get a discount on their stuff." Ha ha!!!! He's worked for this company for 15 years---and I never knew! Isn't that funny? So --another good reason to go with them! Thanks again!

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We've been house shopping recently and we don't pay any attention to the brand, just that the color and styles of included appliances match each other. Like someone else mentioned, one brand might make a great dishwasher but a terrible refrigerator, while another brand makes a great fridge but terrible dishwasher, etc. I think color/style is the most important!

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Hi, K. -
I worried about the same thing. When we purchased our home, we replaced all the appliances with matching Kitchenaid and JennAir, and over a MUCH shorter period than I had anticipated, they have all given up. I really thought I was buying quality, but disliked them all. I have since replaced the refrigerator, dishwasher and cooktop with various brands that were a good deal and looked nice in the kitchen. I don't think a potential buyer will care if the appliances are all the same brand as long as the kitchen looks nice and the appliances are all working properly.
We now have a GE Cafe Series refrigerator, an Electrolux dishwasher, and a Bosch stovetop. I love them all. Good luck.

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We are in the middle of listing our house. We have met with several real estate agents...several. Each one is only concerned that the appliances are the same color/style. We have never been asked what brand of appliances we have in our house. We were told our refrigerator needed to be switched to stainless to match our other appliances before listing. When I asked if brand mattered I was told "absolutely not, as long as the coloring matches". Afterward I looked around and realized that our appliances are all a few different brands.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think getting what you want is the bigger deal. I have been looking at houses and had friends who had to move due to hubby's job transfers. Each and every one of them had to completely redo their homes and they looked horrible after they did what the Realtor told them to do.

One friend had a beautiful kitchen that had one wall painted dark green, behind the top cabinet on over the one counter below. A very minimal amount of wall space in this kitchen. It was very much just an accent. The Realtor told her it was out of style, her kitchen had light colored ceramic tile with a very faint ivy leaf and vine in them. The Realtor "ordered" her to paint the 3 walls of her kitchen burnt orange...disgusting. She also had her paint the rest of the rooms that came off the kitchen a warm, muddy looking cream color. It was the ugliest house I had ever seen at that point. I would have told the Realtor that it was ugly and needed to be repainted before I would make an offer on it. It was that ugly.

She also made them replace all the carpet in their house. It was a very good carpet and not in bad shape. Her reasoning was that is would cost about $5000 and bring in over $20,000. No one liked the Realtors choices and their house didn't sell for as much as they thought.

I think if you have what you want and don't plan on moving int he next 5 years that your appliances will be well used and if you choose to replace them for a move then it's time to worry about that. I don't notice brands and things as long as they blend will with the decor and don't stick out as ugly.

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I would prefer that they match in style and color, but to me, brand does not have to be the same. Some companies have better frigs, some have better microwaves, etc...
we always get the best reviewed and most reliable and the brands don't match.
Last year, our washer died but the 10 yr. old dryer still works. So we replaced the washer with another brand and still have a Maytag dryer. They are both white---one is newer looking and one looks older and dated. They sit right next to each other and it looks a little weird, but money is more important to us right now.

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When I remodeled my kitchen I was very anal about everything matching, i.e, brand, finish, handles. We changed our minds at least once on every item from the time that we had originally made our choices to when we finally purchased them and scheduled shipment. We even returned the original refrigerator and upgraded to a sleeker profile. But like I said, this was a remodel and if it came down to a home that I absolutely loved, but didn't care for the wouldn't break the deal because in the long run it's an item that I can replace down the road :o).

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No, brand doesn't matter. color generally matching would be a plus but I wouldn't turn down an otherwise great house because of this. Quality of appliances matter more than the name on it - so go for a good dishwasher in stainless steel.



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No, the brand would not matter. It would be nice to see them all the same color though. When we bought our house, I never once cared that the brands matched. I was glad to find a house with a big kitchen, big yard, etc.



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I can't imagine why it would matter. Nobody would know but you.

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