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Book Club

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am considering joining a book club, but I don't know how to go about finding one. Does anyone have a suggestion, or know of where I could look? Thanks!


Book Club

L.R. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if anyone is currently involved or interested in becoming involved in a book club. I love to read and would love to get out once in a while and hang ...


What Has Been Your Favorite Book Club Book?

J.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi Ladies (and a few gentlemen), I'm so excited that a friend of mine is starting a book club! Some other friends and I used to have one, but it slowly dissipated,...


Book Club

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies - I'm new to the area. My family got relocated due to my husband's job. I'm wondering if any of you could suggest local book clubs that I could join. I t...


Book Club Meet and Greet

M.A. asks from Denver

Thank you to all that responded to the book club request. If anyone would still like to come to the first meet and greet it's this Sun at 2:00. Please respond and I w...


Help with Choosing a Book for Book Club

E.M. asks from Rocky Mount

Does anyone have a fabulous recommendation for a book club choice? Has anyone read the following and do you recommend any of these for a book club selection: Shelte...


Invitation to Join Book Club

V.M. asks from Minneapolis

Dear Moms, Hello. Some Moms have created a book club and the conditions are don't need to read super fast. Expectations are that you might only have...