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Online Poker Question

H.A. asks from Bismarck

Good afternoon, I am curious if the recent shut-down of the three major online poker sites has affected any of you or your households? Do any of you enjoy playing o...


Seeking Girls Night Out Moms Group South of the River Area ?

C.O. asks from Minneapolis

Looking for moms who would be interested in getting together to start some girls night out nights? Could do Dinners, bands, movies or whatever? Need to start making s...


Girls night...should Be Excited but I'm Not

B.M. asks from Dallas

hey y'all, my faithful, anonymous, mama friends. i'm due to meet up w/three of my BFF's in a couple hours. known 'em all since elementary. all our kids are about t...


Your Kids Favorite Games

A.S. asks from Norfolk

I am looking for board games or card games (anything non-electronic) that boys between 6-8 would enjoy. I am looking to buy my son a game or two that we can play toge...


Family Games for 3 Players

N.S. asks from Chicago

Anyone have good suggestions for family games for 3 players? I want to create family time that does NOT involve everyone staring at the TV screen (because to me that'...


Games Games Games!!

S.S. asks from Provo

I am looking for some really fun games to play in a group or as a family... Has anyone heard or (or have) any really fun ones? What are your favorite games (to buy i...


Board Games

T.M. asks from Jackson

Hi! I have three kiddos. Boy, girl, and boy. My eldest son is turning 6 in May, my daughter is 4 years old and my youngest is turning 3 at the end of April. W...


Snacks for Poker Night

R.M. asks from Albuquerque

Hi Moms! My husband is having some of his buddies over this weekend to play poker. I'm trying to figure out what kind of snacks to have. My husband said to just ...


Games for Family Game Night

F. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, We are going to start having family game nights with our 6 year old daughter and I was wondering which games you Mamas enjoy playing with your childr...


Up All Night...

R.S. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, here's my dillemma. I just had twin boys, they're 2 1/2 weeks old, who are perfect for me during the day...bu...