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Updated on May 05, 2008
L.M. asks from Marion, IA
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I go to Weight Watchers,this is the second time I have gone. The first time that i went I did really well. But i quit going due to my pregnancy with my son. This time around is not so good. Im looking for anyone who has ideas to help me along.

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So What Happened?

Thank you Ladies! For all the wonderful ideas that was given to me. I think im going to stick with it. It might just take a little longer then the first time, but i know i can do it.It was wonderful to hear from alll of you.

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answers from Milwaukee on

As I under stand it Weight Watchers did not teach you a Life Style. Had they done that you would not have put the weight back on. Take a Look at the Transitions Program at www.marketamerica.com/tkwentland They teach a total life style that works to get it off and keep it off. It works for all ages. Hope this helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

Read "Fit for Life" by Harvey Diamond, here an there when you get time. It is incredibly motivational and inspirational.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi L.-
Just thought I'd commend you for keeping at it first of all.
I gave up after my twins turned about 18 mo.
Thanks to friends of mine, I'm now a wellness coach with the biggest nutrition co. in the world (I do it on the side of my family and medical profession- thought I knew nutrition from this- HA) I got my shape back at 43 yo so I"m now wearing a bikini again and I know how to eat healthy and maintain and manage my weight for life.
I do free wellness evaluations- all you have to do is go to my website and fill out a profile. I don't want to leave too much here as "solicitations" so if you want that information, email me at ____@____.com I have a few moms from momsource that I've done this for. Make sure you write in subject line that you're from momsource too- so I don't think it's bulk mail- JIC. I can give you pretty close over the phone what you need to do to re-shape and send you a 32 pg. online booklet to help too. If that's all you want, no problem. If you live in the Mpls./St. Paul area, I actually have a machine that will give you exactly what your body needs to manage weight- and direct you to even better health. It only takes 3 minutes- so let me know if that is the case.
You have your hands full with spread out boys and fulltime work- make sure you manage your stress as it's a huge weight loss/shaping deterant. Your stress hormones fight that for most- while some shed lbs unhealthy (me) under stress. Sleep is another HUGE factor. And like one other momsource said, eating enough is important- missing 2 meals will store the next 2 days of food until your body realizes it's not in the Famine of fiest or famine.
There are 4 key things, calorie in calorie out, 1/2 your weight in water, one starchy type bad carb per day, and the right amount of protein for your body type/size. Think colorful food- and unless it applies to lean meats like chicken or fish, take the tan out of your diet.
One big thing- add in an omega3 fatty acid- post pregnancy it takes 3 years to rebuild your stores unless you supplement.
Hope to hear back from you via email.
I'll be at a medical meeting May 1-4 but I'll answer back as soon as I'm able.
Keep trying and don't give up.
B. Jarmoluk
verizon cell ###-###-####



answers from Minneapolis on

Good Morning, I do not belong to WW but have many friends who do and the key is the food journal. Keep it current and take the time to see where you are spending your points. Also, I do suggest finding time to exercise, even if it's using the stairs or taking the boys for a walk. Plan you weekly meals accordingly, keep the menu if view, and know that you can do it. Good luck.



answers from Sioux City on


Could you not be eating enough? I know that sounds silly, but my friend and I started weight watchers at the same time. She was eating less than her allowed points thinking that would speed up the process. It seems logical but she was loosing slower than I was and I was eating all my daily points (and some of my weekly points)! It turns out they're not kidding when they say to eat all of your daily points to loose the fastest.

It helped me tremedously to write down everything I was eating for a week or so. It really puts into perspective what you're eating whether it's too much or not enough...

The weekly points of course are optional, and I guess if you wanted to speed things up you could just make sure you're eating your daily points and forget about eating your weeekly points. I always tried to excercise, but never ate the extra points I earned to speed things up.

Now I'm a lifetime member and just trying to maintain. That's much better than trying to loose, so there is light at the end of the tunnel!




answers from Davenport on

Hi L.. I'm not sure why WW is not working as well the second time around for you. Are you being active and burning more calories than you are taking in? I know some people that WW has worked really well for and altho I've never done it, I'm sure it's a really good program if you are one that likes to keep count and track of numbers that are associated with food. I have lost my weight and gotten back into shape with Team Beachbody products. I exercise at home and/or go for walks (I live in the country) becos I found I could get the same results as people who pay a whole lot of money for a gym. You can check what I'm talking about at www.teambeachbody.com/Wanaka and can read testimonials, check out the tools, recipes, etc. There are forums on Nutrition, Post Pregnancy loss, Special Needs (diabetes, etc.) If you have questions, feel free to send me a message and I can help you along.

Whatever you do, best of luck! W.*



answers from Minneapolis on

I did weight watchers last year and lost my baby weight, after that I have been using sparkpeople.com. Its a totally free website that has a nutrition tracker, exercise tracker, tons of articles and a great online community. You earn "points" for doing things on the website, you don't win or earn anything but points but for some reason earning points has been really motivating to me. I've lost a few extra pounds after weight watchers and have maintained my weight for close to a year now. Good luck with whatever you choose, good for you for taking care of yourself though!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi L.-
I'm a proud lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

Don't be too hard on yourself about losing weight quickly. Your baby is only 10 months old!

Rather than focusing on the total amount of weight I wanted to lose, I broke it down in to more manageable "mini goals." I also took advantage of Weight Watchers online tools. It made points tracking so easy.

Losing weight can be tough, but you're worth it!



answers from Omaha on

Hi L.,

My husband and I have gone that route too. In fact I think we have tried every diet out there. We yo,yo dieted many times. Finally, we tried the Transitions Lifestyle my husband has lost 60 lbs and gone down 4 sizes and I have lost 25 lbs and I have gone down 2 sizes.

Transitions Lifestyle Systems offers a cinically proven solution to being overweight. Transitions is not a diet-it is a way of life. The Transitions Lifestyle System encompasses low-glycemic eating, behavior modification and body composition. The system is easy to follow and can be utlized by the entire family. Say goodbye to carb and calorie counting and say hello to a new and healthier you.

Transitions Lifestyle is headed by Dr. Shari Lieberman, PhD Certified Nutrition Specialist Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and Best Selling Author

We have done so well with this new lifestyle change that I have become a coache I would like for you to feel free and check out my website www.marketamerica.com/hnh/ go to the Transitions link and see all that we have to offer. The Transitions website offers meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, goals, progress tracking, so much more and it is fun to do.

Feel free to call me if I can be of assistance to you.
888-565-0156 x21689 I wish you the best L..

You can reach your goals, M. H



answers from Minneapolis on

I am a lifetime member who has gained back the weight and am really embarrassed. I know for me, sleep is also a big deal. If I'm not sleeping well, then my whole body seems sluggish, I make poor snack choices, and I stick stuff in my mouth to keep myself awake! Having a baby around makes it almost impossible to sleep when you feel like it, but if you could sneak in a few winks while baby sleeps, it may help you get a little more control. There are only a limited number of things to manage with a baby at home. Don't have too high expectations for yourself. My priorities were always baby first, then hubby, then self and social life, housework always last! I also agree with not eating after 8pm and drinking lots of water. I'm going to get some right now!! Blessings to you and good luck.



answers from Milwaukee on

I've struggled with my weight all my life from puberty on. One this I have noticed is that if you are not feeling motivated and it's really difficult to stay on track then back off. I would feel worse about myself when I just couldnt motivate myself and I would feel guilty which would leave me to spiral because when I felt bad I would want to eat something that I shouldnt have and then I would feel worse about not sticking to it.. Just take a break, maybe start taking walks in the sun and warmth. Dont worry about following it to a T yet, take your walks, just eat sensibly and start to talk yourself up. High self esteem is hard to gain when you are not feeling good about the way you look but just remember that you are worthy no matter what your size is or what the scale says. You have 2 boys that love you to pieces. You mean the world to them and you should mean the world to yourself. The walks out in the sunshine and feeling good about yourself will motivate you to loose the weight and become the person you would like to be. It's all a timing question, if it's not time yet then it's not time no biggie.. Good luck!!



answers from Green Bay on

I lost 20 pounds about 2 years ago on Weight Watchers. After having my baby, I found I was still gaining a few pounds rather than loosing and I'm back up to where I started from 2 years ago. So I'm starting in again on Weight Watchers. I've loaded up on the fruit I have in the house and make sure it's ready for snacking - have it cleaned, sliced, etc. My husband likes his chips or crackers for a snack yet, so all of those go into a cabinet rather than on the counter. Yes, I know they are there, but out of sight, out of mind. And even though there never seems to be enough time in the day, if it's not raining out, I make sure to get a walk in with my daughter. It's a chance to spend some time with her and get my excercise in. I've also filled up a large plastic mug with water and make sure I drink that throughout the day instead of the can of soda I was starting to make a daily habit. So far I haven't lost weight (I've only been back on the plan for two weeks though) but at least the scale stopped going up!



answers from Milwaukee on

I had a twin pregnancy and it took alot to get the weight off I did the weight watchers plan and it helped but i got fustrated when the weight was not coming off as quickly as i wanted it too. Here are a few tips that helped me. i ate alot of chicken and fish. I did not eat after 8 p.m. and now that it is getting warmer out walk as much as you can i could not find the time or money to go work out everyday at a gym but walking made me loose the weight faster. Just be patient in time it will come off. And with having a 10 month old is hard to adjust your time to exercsie. Hope my words will help you.



answers from St. Cloud on

L., I would recommend using WW online. You can use it alone or in conjunction with the meetings. It is so easy to track your points online and has a recipe builder that figures out the points for favorite recipes that you still want to use.
Make sure your water intake is adequate! Don't drink so much that you feel like you are going to float away but make sure you get 1/2 of your body weight in ounces each day.
Are you getting enough protein? Go crazy for beans! Be wary of bars, shakes, etc. for they do NOT provide things that your body NEEDS.
Good luck! I hope you reach your goal!



answers from Cedar Rapids on

L., I am right there with you! I did WW last year (beginning in Feb), and did really well. I lost 24 lbs during the 12-14 weeks and continued to lose after for a total of 40 lbs. I kept it all off, right up until Christmas! I didn't gain it all back but I did gain about 10 lbs. I started WW again a couple months ago(there is something about the accountability for me)but
I am having a lot harder time! Last time around, my daughter was 6-months and having formula and baby food. So it was really easy for me. I kept a stock of the Smart Ones in the freezer for nights when I was just too tired to cook for myself. That way, I knew I could eat something quick and not worry about snacking my way through a meal because I was too hungry to wait. Now, my daughter is 19-months and I am cooking every night. The problem is that she gives me about 15 minutes between the time we walk in the door and the time she is insisting on food. If I haven't utilized the crock pot that day, it can be hard to come up with dinner ideas and get it prepared that quickly. I do a pretty good job of making sure she gets her fruits and vegetables but, sometimes, I just can't get them to jump on my plate! Also, she is at that age where it is so fun to introduce her to new foods--both good for you and bad. Well, I can't feed her ice cream without sharing it with her! ;o)

Also, last time around, I was attending a class at my local YMCA at least once a week. I can't find time for that now.

I have managed to lose 5 lbs but it has been such a struggle and it was so easy last time. I think, honestly, it just isn't a priority for me right now. I have been contemplating getting a bike trailer because then I will be forced to take her for rides. She loves to be outside and, if she were to ask to go for a ride, I wouldn't be able to say "no." We do go on some short walks now because she has a Step 2 Pink Car that she loves to ride in. It has a long handle so I can push her. It is very noisy tho.

I do think I will check out WW Online. I got a few weeks free when I joined WW this time but just haven't done it yet.

Well, I have rambled enough! I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this struggle!



answers from Rochester on

I started weight watchers when my daughter was almost 6 months old. I would agree with a lot of the advice that you have already gotten. The online tools are great. It is very easy to track points and the recipe builder is great. There is even a feature that will give you meal ideas and snack ideas that fit into your daily points allowance. It usually includes eating out suggestions too. Find "skinny" alternatives to some of the foods that are your weakness and try to eat things that are more filling (apples, reduced fat cheese, protein, beans, etc). I love the 100 calorie packs that you can buy. Most of them are 2 points and they are usually enough to satisfy my cravings. Setting mini-goals has also really helped me. Besides just the 5 pound goals and 10% goal, I set goals like weighing less than my drivers license says or having my weight loss equal what my daughter weighs. It's really important to get your husband and other family and friends to support you. Remember it takes time. One of the things I keep reminding myself is that it took me 9 months to put the weight on and it is going to take at least that long to take it off again! Good luck and keep with it. Do you attend the meetings? Talk to your leader. They have great ideas that they are more than willing to share!



answers from Eau Claire on

I tried Weight watchers and it was too expensive and took too much of my free time. I am busy with 3 kids and a photo business. I am now a member of vfl.com (Vitality for Life). It is just $6 per month!!! I love it. I log my meals online - it is so easy and I spend less time keeping track because of their extensive database. I also have unlimited access to nutrition information and awesome product through the parent company that has protein drinks that have 20g of protein. They also have a gatorade replacement drink that has only 2g of sugar and double the electrolytes!! Wow - this really helps me drink my 8 glasses of water each day and keeps me hydrated and my mind sharp. Finally, they have a patented activity bar that converts fat into energy so you burn more fat during excersize.

Lots more to say, but you can contact me if you want to get connected. I do consumer direct marketing with them so I would appreciate the referral if anyone is interested in learning more.

Have a wonderful day and remember to drink your water!!!



answers from Madison on

Alot of the responses already give you good ideas, but I would like to add a couple. I am doing WW right now also. I have tried many diets and have done the same thing with doing well for awile and then getting off track and having a hard time getting back into it. What I have found helps me the most is using the online tools and planning out your day the night before. I have a very busy schedule, so this really helped me to stop from just grabbing stuff on the go. If I plan it out ahead of time, then I would just know what I have to eat for the day and not think about it. Also, I have stopped eating after dinner time and that alone has made a huge difference. Good luck! It is so difficult and a stuggle that many of the rest of us have!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi L. -

I've been in the exact same spot as you -- I lost quite a bit (got down to a size 6 on WW, then got pregnant). I tried again, but really struggled -- I realized that I just wasn't in the mind set to diet - I was so tired with a new baby, and just trying to get a handle on being a mom, it was really hard for me to focus on 'me'. I put off dieting until I was 'ready' and could really make the lifestyle changes for me. A couple of tips that help me - I NEVER finish any of my kids left-overs. I got some great advice from a WW leader - stay away from BLT's (bites, licks, and tastes) - they can really add up throughout the day!!! Also, try to eat non processed foods (veggies, fruits, chicken, fish) for your daily points value - I found that weight came off easier when I did this compared to packaged, processed foods. I also only bought D'Italiano light bread - low points! Good luck!

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