Household: The First Years

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SAHM - Is It Your "Job" to Take Care of the House?

I am taking a poll. What do you moms and your husbands agree should be the role of the SAHM? I am currently pregnant and have recently got laid off. I am home every day with our three year old. Each day, my hubby asks me what I did all day and why the house is not clean (if it isn't that day). When the house is spotless, he doesn't say a word. If I respond that I did not have time to clean everything or that I didn't feel well, he responds that it is my job to take care of the home and the excuse that I couldn't won't work. He says...


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Husband Wants to Buy a House Immediately

Hi All, My husband, young children, and I must move in a few months (have to leave campus housing). We are in our 40s, my husband is self-employed and can work anywhere, and I will soon be unemployed. My husband wants to immediately buy a house to keep for life within ten miles of both sets of grandparents, who are now 15-30 miles from us. That would be fine if housing costs in this region weren't very high, my husband's income was secure, I could get a job within a reasonable distance from home (<30 miles?), and my kids could attend a...

Buying, Selling, Renting & Moving

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Renting Our House... Perspectives, Please!

My husband and I are considering renting our home out and then renting a house in a different town and I am wondering if anyone has any advice or book/internet references for being landlords. We don't HAVE to move, but we are thinking that the schools will be better for our son (starting K), more activities for the kids to be involved in, opportunities for me to do some part time and/or temporary work to supplement our income, and more of my friends live in the place we are considering. We cannot sell our house because its value is...

Cleaning & Housekeeping

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Cleaning Service - Costs and Recommendations in San Ramon

I've never had a housekeeper clean my house before but I work full time and have infant twins so it's time. I found a great cleaner but this morning I choked on my Wheaties when she quoted me $250.00 per service for every other week on a 2200 square foot house with 2.5 bathrooms. That seems like too much to pay for house cleaning. I am crazy? Is this the average rate? She came by herself this morning. Questions: What are you paying for service and would you recommend your cleaner to me?


Kids & Cleaning

So my kids (3 & 6) help straighten the house. Pick up toys, clean their...

Family Pets

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Debating over a Cat....

I need a little help deciding here... my mother in law has 2 cats they're both sweet but however she's been looking to give one away. I've never been a cat lover or a dog lover for one reasons....the shedding of hair... However this cat she wants to give away, when i was pregnant it would always come by my tummy and rub its head every time i go there it comes to me and it just wants to play... this cat has gotten into in love with him... I would take him in our home, but one problem...he sheds like crazy. you touch it and you get a...

Garden & Landscaping

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How Do You Get Rid of Japanese Beetles?

In my vegetable garden the first two years I grew peas and beans. Both years we had a horrible problem with Japanese beetles. How do you keep these bugs out of your garden?


So Who Won?

Honestly, I don't know but I am happy to have finally seen something I could...

Holidays & Entertaining

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What Does the Easter Bunny Do at Your House?

So Easter is one holiday I haven't quite figured out our traditions yet. If you celebrate with the Easter Bunny, what happens in your house? What does the Easter Bunny do? Does he just deliver the baskets or does he also hide the eggs? If you have more than one child do you separate the eggs to make it even or is it every man for himself? Does he fill the eggs with candy, money, toys?? Just can't imagine him running around in the dark hiding eggs ;) Need some ideas mamas!

Living on their Own

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Horrible Living Situation

Myself, my husband, and my 6 month old son are currently living with my mother and stepfather. We moved in with them so that I could be a stay at home mom and we could save some money. However I very strongly dislike my stepfather who does not have a job and stays home with me all day. I cant stand to be around him and when he walks into the room my mood instantly goes down hill. We try to steer clear of each other but it still does not work out that well. I dont know if all of this is worth being a stay at home mom or if I should just...


Living in Fear....

My son is considered a special needs baby. He was hospitalized the first 4...

Social Life

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Increasing Participation in Our Moms Group

I am the president of a local Moms Club. The club encompasses a large geographical area and we have about 75 members. However, only a core group of about 20 regularly participate, and when they do, it is mainly playgroup, field trips and our 2 annual family special events. Our MNO, monthly meetings, game night, book club, fitness, and philanthropic activities are not as well attended. I have heard that many new members are hesitant to attend events b/c they don't know anyone. Of course, they will never get to know anyone if they never...


New to Group

Hello My name is J. this is my first time to post here.... I just found out...