Girls' Night Out

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Girls Night Out

G.V. asks from Chicago

I am a single mom of 3 who is trying to have a girls night out with my sister and would like any ideas of what other women do on their night out. It is rare that I g...


Girls' Night Out

S.G. asks from San Antonio

I'm planning a Girls' Night Out activity for a group of 30 something year old moms....any suggestions/fun classes (i.e., jewelry making, wine tasting, etc.)?


Girls Night Out?

S.B. asks from Kansas City

I am interested in starting a group for girls night out... if you are interested, please let me know. I am new in the area (been here 4 months now) and still haven't...


Girls Night Out - What to Do??

J.R. asks from Saginaw

I am lucky enough to get a girls night out about every 2 weeks. Not all my friends can make it but I invite them all each time. My question is - sometimes I or some...


Where to Go for Girls Night Out.

R.C. asks from Los Angeles

I recently moved back to CA after living in TX for a few years and I wanted to plan a girls night out with some of my old friends. Can anyone recommend a place that ...


Girls Night Cooking Party

A.K. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone know of any places to do like a girls night out cooking party/lesson or anything like that? We are trying to do plan a non traditional shower for someone ...


Need Idea for Girls Night Out

B.W. asks from Kansas City

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a fun girls night out? I have a family member coming in town that is turning 50 and I want to take her and some friends ou...


Need an Idea for a Girls' Night Out

E.K. asks from Seattle

I want to give a Girls' Night Out for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I've been thinking of a cooking class together, or an event with a coffee after... I'm fairly n...


Seeking Girls Night Out Moms Group South of the River Area ?

C.O. asks from Minneapolis

Looking for moms who would be interested in getting together to start some girls night out nights? Could do Dinners, bands, movies or whatever? Need to start making s...