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Robeez or Preschoolians or Another?

My son is starting to pull himself up on things and I'd like to get him some soft-soled shoes. I understand that barefoot is best, and he's barefoot at home all the time, but isn't at daycare. Socks with the rubber grip aren't grasping well enough. When my older son was at this stage, the selection of shoes was slim. It seems that there are a lot more out there to choose from. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks

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Seeking a Seller of Pedipeds in Overland Park or Surrounding Areas

Does anyone know someone who sells Pedipeds locally in either the Overland Park area or surrounding Kansas City. I was just wondering if there is a source locally or even moms who sell where I don't have to pay shipping or even a bit cheaper than on the Pediped website. I would even be interested in gently used ones because they have so much life in them and usually are in good shape at least ours have been. I am looking for girls Pedipeds Originals size 18-24 months. We just found out about these with my littlest daughter and totally...


Work from Home?

In the past I've tried to find a legit work from home job, but didn't. Any...


When to Buy Shoes

I have a one year old foster son who takes about 4-5 steps on his own,...

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Seeking Advice on Making Christmas lists....i Have No Idea What I Need

I have twins who will be 6 months old in December. All my family is trying to get christmas lists from me but I am a first time mom and have no idea what i will need when my babies are 6-9 months. I know what i'm looking for now but does anyone have any advice on must haves or essentials they couldn't live without when their babies were 6-9 months.