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Robeez or Preschoolians or Another?

My son is starting to pull himself up on things and I'd like to get him some soft-soled shoes. I understand that barefoot is best, and he's barefoot at home all the time, but isn't at daycare. Socks with the rubber grip aren't grasping well enough. When my older son was at this stage, the selection of shoes was slim. It seems that there are a lot more out there to choose from. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks

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Fall/winter Wardrobe for a 12 Month Old Boy?

Hi ladies, So I'm trying to buy most of my son's clothes used and a huge fall/winter consignment sale is being held near me later this month. I'm trying to figure out exactly what he'll need for this fall and winter. I don't really want to overbuy, but I don't want to get into the season, forget something, and have to buy it full price. He's tall and seems to grow out of his clothes about a month (or more) ahead of schedule. He'll be a year old at Thanksgiving so I'm thinking the 12 month clothes will be too small by around Halloween...