How to Sell Condo Fast

Updated on August 16, 2011
M.M. asks from La Habra, CA
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Hi Ladies,

We are putting our property on the market and anyone have any luck with a reallll GOooD agent that had the property sold fast.? I know the market is bad, and the economy. But I am looking for a savvy , and a good marketing agent that can sell our condo fast.


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answers from San Francisco on

Well, obviously I'm thousands of miles away, so I don't know a realtor in your area, but my husband is a real estate broker and I can offer you the following tips:
1) the most important thing is PRICE. If you aren't priced right, you can have the best property in the world and it won't sell. If you don't get traffic and offers within the first 10 days, you are priced too high. You'll get the best price if you hit the market at the right price. Do not be delusional about what your condo is worth. An experienced realtor can help you price the condo where it needs to be in order to sell quickly.
2) Clean and de-clutter so the space looks as large as it can.
3) If there are any small issues that need fixing, fix them before listing your condo. Anything that would catch a buyer's eye and make them think, "Hmm, I'm going to have to fix that" may cause them not to offer on your condo, or may make them low-ball offer.
4) The best way to choose a listing agent is to look at signs in your neighborhood. Chances are, you'll see the same names over and over. Call all of them and ask them to make a listing presentation to you. This is free of charge, and a good opportunity to see who gives you constructive feedback regarding your property, what kind of marketing they will do for your property, and what their track record is for sales in your area. Make sure they will list your property on the MLS right away.
5) Do not offer less than the standard commission. I can't stress this enough. If the typical commission in your area is 6% and you offer 5%, buyers' agents are not going to be super motivated to show their clients your property. And even if they do, they might say, "Well, are you SURE about this neighborhood?" or something like that - in short, they may try to steer their clients away from your property. Offer the full commission to avoid this type of scenario and give your property the best chance of receiving a lot of traffic.

Best of luck to you! I hope your property sells quickly!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You got some great tips already - price and a lack of clutter. Think about "staging" your house, meaning have as little as you can and have it look well put together. If you can, move out some of your stuff in advance so there is much less in the house - fewer pieces of big furniture, not having packed bookshelves, etc.

Our agent also told us to remove all of our personal photos so that people could imagine themselves there instead of seeing pics of my family.

And, just for fun - bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, or something else that smells really good right before your first open house. Leave the food out for people to take. They will love having the food and the good smells in the house will make it feel homey and nice.

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answers from Houston on

Make your condo move in ready (fix any little things wrong) plus re-paint if needed. Declutter like crazy (go ahead and box up any little tchotchkes in anticipation of your move), and price it to sell.

Our last house we listed same price or even lower than similar properties in same neighborhood. It showed better (thanks to spending a little money fixing it up and repainting as well as decluttering), got tons of traffic, and it sold within 2 months of listing.

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answers from Chicago on

Your agent doesn't matter nearly as much as your pricing (as much as agents would probably like to dispute that). Price it to sell if you want it to move fast. There are no miracles in the real estate market anymore, esp. in Chicago where everything got overpriced too quickly then crashed.

I have friends who've had decent success with @properties. I also know a great agent there who was in my yoga class for a long time. :) You can try her to start out and see if she will list it for you. She does a lot of higher-end and luxury condos. PM me for her email address if you're interested.

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't live in Chicago however....what makes it sell fast?

1. First impressions....make sure if you are a ground level you have flowers and plants that are ALIVE and not dead...clean front door..
2. priced right.
3. all the fixes done.
4. get a home inspection done before you put it on the market so that you know any deficiencies and can fix them so you can get top dollar.
5. staged right....don't leave it empty but don't have clutter all over the place.
6. LIGHT!!! MOST buyers do NOT like dark rooms...
7. if things are updated and current - make allowances for that...we have lazy buyers - they don't want to do you need to show and do it for them...if they feel they can move right in - it will sell fast...

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