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How to Sell a House?

My house has been up for sale since the beginning of March and I am starting to feel desperate! I know that it takes time and that this is not a good time to be selling, but I really need to sell my house! My husband has a great new job in Boise so he is living there and my children and I are still living in Pocatello until we can sell this house and buy a new one in Boise. The separation is making all of us miserable; my 5 year old was even worried that we might be getting divorced! We explained that we still love each other and WANT...

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I Am Seeking a Good, Honest, Mortgage Broker.

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if any of you have had any good luck with a mortgage broker in the area? My husband and I are looking to buy our first house in Westminster/Broomfield area in a couple of months and we need an honest, trustworthy mortgage broker. A true Christian would be a plus, but if not, at least someone with values that is trustworthy and not looking to scam us out of money with unnecessary fees! If you have any ideas, please help! We want our first house buying experience to be a positive one! Thanks so much! T.



I was hoping someone could help me. My husband and I are in the process of...


Mortgage Refinancing

Without trying to get into anyone's personal business, I was curious if...

Realtor Referrals

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Real Estate?

I have a question about real estate school. Any real estate agents out there have any suggestions? I have a B.S. degree. How long would it take to get my real estate license? is it really hard?



Hello! Does anyone know of a good Realtor that works in the Pontiac area? ...