Buying or Selling

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How to Sell a House?

My house has been up for sale since the beginning of March and I am starting to feel desperate! I know that it takes time and that this is not a good ...


Sell House Rent Place

Did anyone ever just sell their house and rent a place even though you had the m...


Can He Sell the House

My huband purchased our home 3 years ago prior to us getting married so therefor...

Mortgage Broker & Bank Referrals

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I was hoping someone could help me. My husband and I are in the process of buyin...


Mortgage Refinancing

Without trying to get into anyone's personal business, I was curious if anyone h...

Realtor Referrals

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Real Estate?

I have a question about real estate school. Any real estate agents out there have any suggestions? I have a B.S. degree. How long would it take to g...


Real Estate

I am considering getting my Real Estate License and I was wondering if anyone ou...


Realtor or No Realtor?

We are planning to try to sell our home this spring/summer. My husband and I ha...



Hello! Does anyone know of a good Realtor that works in the Pontiac area? I am...