Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old

Updated on November 10, 2006
S.D. asks from Sullivan, WI
11 answers

So far for Christmas I bought my daughter the bounce & spin zebra, the little people barn that makes sounds and has the touch and feel animals and a music set w/ a drum, and few other instruments in it along w/ a few stocking stuffer things.

Does anyone have any reviews or opinions on those three toys?

Then her birthday is in the beginning of December - Do you have any other ideas of good things for a 1 year old? I'm just looking for one or two items. I was thinking of a new pair of Robeez in the bigger size since she's almost outgrown her 0-6 months ones but that gift is more for me than her. =) She'll still enjoy playing w/ the package though! I was also thinking of a little sled. Will she be old enough to do that this year?

Thanks for the input!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter is a year and a half, and she loves anything like what mommy has, shopping cart, stroller, kitchen set etc. She is getting a little tent for Christmas, cause she loves to have somwhere to hide that is all hers. I also highly recommend the Parents MAgazine toy line at Target. My daughter has the baby ipod, cell phone and laptop, which actually helps her learn numbers and letters. Also, a sled is a great idea, my daughter loved hers last Christmas!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

i also have a one year old daughter and she loves the fisher price laugh and learn musical chair. she plays on it for hours. i know a couple of other people whos children also love the chair. good luck shopping and thanks for asking the question cuz im running out of ideas of what to buy



answers from Minneapolis on

Here's some items she can start to enjoy and will be able to use for atleast a few more years.

Kitchen set
Outdoor or Indoor plastic slide
Picnic Table
Shopping cart
Doll stroller



answers from Minneapolis on

I LOVE the bounce & spin Zebra, I see the commercial and I get mad that my son is out of the age range for it. Lol. I love that toy, I bet your daughter will really enjoy it!!! I would suggest a few good books. My son LOVED to spend time with Mommy reading books and as he got older he started reading them to me. He's two now and although he likes reading he's more active and prefers playing outdoors more than anything, lol. But reading in the evening is a huge bonding thing for our family. My favorite books to read and suggest are:

'Goodnight Moon'

'Mommy Do You Love Me?'

'God Gave Us You' this one has a sequel 'God Gave Us Two' we're getting it for our son when our second baby is born in the Spring.

'Love You Forever'

Hope these suggestions help a little. Take care and enjoy!

Kind Regards,

P.s. One thing that our son enjoyed the most for his first birthday, was a furry pony that sang and made noises when you pushed the ears and it was either used to rock on or ride on (it had wheels that folded down). We also bought him the Four Wheeler for his age range, that was his favorite toy of all, he knew how to ride it and push the button instantly. We have a cabin so he's a lot like Daddy, four wheeling, snow mobiling, jet skiing, boating etc.



answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter is almost 11 months old too and her birthday is in December...lots of gifts!! Anyway, do you have the Leap Frog Learning Table? Because my daughter loves that's got a little piano and lots of things that move and make music and it's great...not annoying either like alot of toys with their music...and her 2 year old cousin has one and still loves it would last for awhile I'd think. I have also been trying to think of things to get my daughter...some things I have come up with are...

-Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen (the age range is 1 1/2 and up which is unusual for a kitchen; it starts shorter and then when they get bigger, it gets bigger too, so it "grows with them")

-mega blocks (they're like giant legos and young kids can start learning how to build things easily)

-shape sorter

-Playskool step start walk and ride (they can push it while they're learning to walk and later they can ride it)

-toddler puzzles with pictures on the bottom to match (make sure you get the ones with the big knobs so they can pick them up easily)

-board books; my daughter especially loves the happy baby ones...they have happy baby colors, words, animals, etc...and best of all they have babies in them which they love to look at!

-a baby doll


-see and says (they learn the different animal sounds)

-Sesame Street Baby's first purse (it's plastic and has all the things in it that they like to take out of your purse...lipstick, phone, keys, etc.)

And there's so many more things but there's just some of them...I am also going to be getting the bounce and spin zebra; it just looks like sooo much fun for little kids. Well good luck, and hope that helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

Our daughter loved anything she could push at that age...lawn mower, shopping cart, push poppers, etc.....



answers from Green Bay on

I bought my son who just turned one a drop and roar dinosaur from fisher price...he loves it. I think its a good toy for had eye cordination. And the blocks that are shaped that go into a cube through the special shaped holes...thats his absolute favorite. Its a litte hard at 1st but its only been a week and he can put almost every block into the cube by himself!! Another good eye hand cordination toy!

A. H.



answers from Duluth on

RIGHT next to where you got the zebra is a dinosaur you drop balls into. I have a one year old of my own and a one year old daycare boy, plus two two year old daycare boys and they ALL LOVE this toy. We don't get a lot of toys for our kids because we have five now, don't NEED much. I have lots of Fisher Price Little People in the playroom, the house, the barn, the railroad, a dino set, cars, buses, garbage trucks. The kids really seem to enjoy these for many years. I'm interested in that zebra for our littlest for Christmas. He just started walking and I was thinking he should have it down good enough by the end of December to be able to mount and dismount...



answers from Minneapolis on

The "one step ahead" catalog has an inflatable baby sled. My mom bought it for my girls, so I don't know how much it costs. I really like it since it's so light. In my experience, the wooden ones are so heavy, you might as well be draging a wagon around in the snow. I have a plastic one too, I use that one for rougher play and it was about $12 at K-mart. The girls (4 & 2) think it's hilarious when I pull them all the way to the library down the street on it (the neighbors probably do too).



answers from St. Cloud on

My son just got the Bounce and Spin zebra for his 1st birthday a few weeks ago and it's definitely a hit. He was able to dismount on his own within 2 days, and get on within a few more - he and my 2 1/2 y/o both love it. I love the fact that it won't spin unless it's pressed down a bit, which makes it much easier for little ones to climb on.
For other suggestions, others already suggested a few of our favorites - the Roll 'a rounds drop and roar dinosaur, the ball popper. My youngest two also like the Incrediblock, all of the Laugh and Learn toys (especially the house).



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter loved the Fisher Price Busy-Ball-Popper. It's noisey, but it keeps the little ones busy. Also, try one of those dancing Care daughter LOVED that thing. I'd stay away from the sled...unless you plan on pulling her around alot...little ones don't really see or get the enjoyment of being outside in the cold all bundled up. We did this with my daughter and all she did was just sit there with this wierd look on her face. Eventually, she didn't want to be in that sled, and she cried to get out and go in the house. Good luck. :)

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