4 Year Old with Burning When Urinating, When Do You Take to the Doctor?

Updated on April 25, 2008
G.S. asks from Brazoria, TX
9 answers

My daughter has been treating her 4 year old by eliminating sweets, only water to drink and, today, cranberry juice. It started 4 days ago, and it seems to get better, then slips (birthday cake, etc.). My question is...Can you safely home treat and when should you give up and take to the doctor?

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So What Happened?

Wow! Thanks for the quick responses!!!

My granddaughter is on her way to the doctor as we speak!!!

Please be kind in your responses...I was only asking if there was alternative treatment. You hear so much about the over prescribing of antibiotics...so I was JUST ASKING!!

Thank you all for caring enough to respond!!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

She needs to go to the Dr. now, if she has a UTI she will need antibiotics. Why would she not take her to the doctor if she is ill?

edit: i do understand how you feel about overprescribing :)

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answers from Houston on

My 3 year old was complaining on and off and I called my pediatrician and they told me to bring her in. A bladder infection can be treated but if you wait to long and the infection goes further then the child has to be hospitalized. I took her in and it was nothing. She tinkled in a cup and they sent it to the lab. I was glad I took her in.



answers from Houston on

hello G. of 10,
i'm a parent of 2 and if the child is use to sweets and all of a sudden she's taken off of them and then the one day she gets more, then i'd call the doctor and talk to the nurse. just to make sure that there's not other things that are going on. there might be a uti going on with the 4 yr old. at least have your daughter call the doc and talk to them about what's going on.



answers from San Antonio on

My son had UTI's and it was from baths, the soap used (when he was a baby), not by what he was eating, havent heard of that before, but there are alot of things i didnt know about, i would take her in ASAP. When my son had UTI's his doc kept perscribing antibotics (which they do need), but it seemed like he always had them, so i took him to driscoll, and he ended up having a kidney problem, so i would take her in now. Good luck, hope she feels better soon i know its painful.



answers from Houston on

I think the time is now.
you shouldn't wait longer it can ge worst.



answers from Houston on

take her now. For little kids it can be a big problem. Dont try to treat it at home get professional help. There could be more then one reason she is burning down there.

didnt see the update! Im glad your taking her. I ended up one time waiting to long for myself because I didnt know I had a yeast infection and ended up having to stay in the hospital for over a week because it spreaded to my kidneys and other parts. Its very important to seek medical help when needed.



answers from San Antonio on

If she has a UTI she needs antibiotics. This is serious and could become a bladder or kidney infection if not treated.



answers from Killeen on

just a thought - but are we sure its related to what she eats? My daughter has the same troubles on occassion but it is related to bubbles and soaps used in the bath-tub... eliminate the water treatments - other than shampoos - and it goes away.

just a thought you might want to try.....



answers from San Antonio on

Take her NOW! This could and will lead to kidney or bladder infection and then possible CPS called and reported by the medical staff b/c your daughter did not seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

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