Thank Yous: The First Years

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Sick Baby! Really Need Help! Advice!!!

C.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi, I have an 11 month old girl who for the past three weeks has been suffering from some type of sickness. I have taken her to her pediatrician 4 times in the past t...


Didn't Know the Rules Back Then

M.C. asks from Austin

I have a shower being thrown for me in a couple of weeks and I have been thinking about what to get the hostesses for a thank you gift. They all drink wine so I thou...


Books to Read Once They Are Born

C.D. asks from New York

Hello all! I have been reading books on pregnancy- now I am looking for any recommendations on once the child is born..what to do! FIrst months, or first years.... Pl...


Have One or Not

B.U. asks from Minneapolis

Okay I have to ask this question cause I dont know what is the right thing to do. This is my second child. With my first daughter I didn't have a shower until after...


What Can I Get That Will Help the Most for a Mom That Has Nothing Ready?

C.W. asks from Wichita

There is a young woman that works in the same place I do, she is expecting her second baby and has no baby items except a crib play & pac. I want to help her out some...


Ideas on How to Help SIL with Possible Preemie

B.R. asks from York

Hi Moms! My Sister in Law just went to the doctor's with bad cramps. Turns out they were contractions. She is 2 centimeters and 80% effaced. They're giving her me...


Being Induced at 32 Weeks and I Have a Couple of questions....THANKS in ADVANCE

G.D. asks from New York

I'm being induced at 32 weeks pregnant on Dec 25 2010 I have a couple of questions??:: 1. Will he have to stay in the hospital? If so how long? 2. Will he have an...


Seeking Moms

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Im 8 months prego and so far me and my husband spent alots money because he was fighting for the custody of his 7 years old daughter his lawyer cost $10.000 dollars a...


Just Need Some Opinions and Feedback from This...

T.S. asks from Dallas

Okay so as most or some of you may already know, my husband and I are new parents to a beautiful 7 week baby girl named ALMA ESPERANZA "HOPE" SOTO. She arrived on Tue...


Major Problems W/ Mother-in-law

C.P. asks from Phoenix

my problems with my mother-in-law seem to get worse and worse as the years go on. she used to be nice and kind towards me....even through my pregnancy. that all chang...