Thank Yous: Teddy Bears

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

S.L. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any suggestions for cute and unique baby shower favors (not too expensive)? Im hosting my baby sis's shower for her first baby coming in Jan, and wanted ...


Giving a Baby Shower

A.M. asks from Peoria

Ladies I need some help. I am throughing my first ever baby shower for a friend of mine and I am not sure what is expected at a shower. I was in the hospital on bed...


Need Advice on Baby Shower Gifts...

J.B. asks from Columbus

Ok, so I know its short notice, but I'm kind of torn on what to do about gifts for a baby shower I will be attending Sunday. It is for two ladies that I work with. On...


Any New Ideas for Bridal Shower Games/activities?

J.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! I am hosting a bridal shower for my SIL in a few weeks. I am looking for some current/trendy game ideas or activities that involve passing out small prizes....


1St Birthday

M.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter's first birthday is in a month and we are having the party at home with about 50 or so people. I'm serving pizza but am at a loss about a theme or colors...


He Wont "Cry It Out"

K.R. asks from Sacramento

Our daily night time routing is give our baby a bath, read a book, nurse him till he sleeps, and lay him in the co-sleeper next to our bed. This usually works until ...


Daughters Birthday

C.G. asks from Houston

My daughter is going to be turning 1 in about 2 months (WOW, its past by so fast). My MIL is a big party planner and wants to know what "theme" I want for her birthd...


X-mas Presents for Teachers

N.O. asks from Detroit

I am looking to get a x-mas present for my sons preschool teachers. Their are 2 of them and since we are cutting back on spending this year for x-mas I would like to...