Baby Shower Hostess Gifts - Stillwater,OK

Updated on January 29, 2011
M.T. asks from Stillwater, OK
6 answers

What are good/proper "thank you" gifts to give those who throw your baby shower for you? I need some good ides! :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I had two hosts for my baby shower. One of them really enjoys candles and works at the church with my mom, so I got her some really nice wall sconces (they were more expensive looking then they were actually expensive. I think I spent only about 15 dollars on it) and then some different smelling candles she could use with them. The other hostess gift was something I really only would've gotten her and in most cases wouldn't have been a good gift. But, that works or something like bath stuff. I tried to personalize my gifts as much as possible to things that I knew they loved.



answers from Dallas on

I like to give notecards with the hostesses names or intitials on the front.


answers from Houston on

I gave my hostess a lotion, shower gel, perfume gift pack from bed bath and beyond. Not too expensive , but not walmart junk either.



answers from St. Cloud on

I didn't give anything to my hostesses........ And when I've hosted, I didn't expect anything in return.

Hosting a shower is a choice. Something you WANT to do for someone. Don't feel like you NEED to give them something...... They are doing it for you because YOU are going to be a new mom! Not to receive a gift!

If you really want to. How about a gift card to their favorite restaurant?



answers from Kansas City on

I've hosted a couple showers and I honestly don't expect a gift at all. One gal did take me out for a pedicure which was super nice, but I felt a bit uncomfortable about it! If you want to do something (even though I don't think you have to! Most hostesses do it out of the friendship and excitement surrounding the baby!) go with maybe a Starbucks gift card or nice loaf of home made bread or muffins! Congrats!


answers from Phoenix on

You could give a Starbucks gift card to her. :-) I went to a baby shower and they had party favors for all the guests, and there was this little tea lite candle that smelled like baby powder that had a pink beaded bracelet around it and it was in a little plastic baggy. So adorable! Plus they made little baby candy on a stick and wrapped it in colored plastic wrap. But for the host, I would get a Starbucks gift card, or a Bath and Body Works gift card or gift basket. That would be cute. :-)

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