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Looking for Info Regarding Baby Slings

M.L. asks from New York

I am a 5 weeks away from having my second child. I attempted to use a front infant carrier (Baby Bjorn) for my first child, but he did not really like it and I found ...


Mommy and Baby Products

M.M. asks from Las Vegas

I just had a quick question. I have several family members who are going to be having babies here really soon. I have my ideas of what to get them but I am requesting...



J.L. asks from Nashville

Hi, I'm suspecting that my baby may have colic. I've heard that the crying normally starts in the late afternoon or evening. But sometimes he starts earlier in the ...


Feedback About the Ergo Infant Carrier

T.D. asks from Boston

I'm curious if anyone has used the Ergo Infant Carrier and what you thought of it. My son is almost 6 months old and, of course, loves to be carried all the time. But...


Nursing Covers

S.O. asks from Oklahoma City

Hey Mommas, I am going to be taking a plane trip with my 4mo old this month. Since I only breastfeed him we wont be bringing along any bottles. Does anyone have ...