Thank Yous: The First Years

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Fear of Water

M.R. asks from Cleveland

My son who is 8 years old has a fear of water in his face. Even just a splash or a spritz. We are bathing him to ensure his hair gets washed, but he just wants to s...


How Do I Balance It All?

R.D. asks from Chicago

Thank you for the responses- the good ones. The judgements- well thanks, but no thanks.


Just When You Think Therapy Is Working

M.K. asks from Dallas

Sorry this is long but I need to get this off my chest.......I was getting really excited at the prospect of having a stronger marriage since our therapy sessions see...


CleaN Clothes Every Time?

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

The bathing question has me curious. Do you put fresh clothes on your kids every time they change, or do you (actually your children) wear something more than once b...


Curious About How Much I Should Give

L.P. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I've never been here before. I have question; I make quite more money than my husband. I do all the chores, cleaning and I pay for all most everything. i wake up...


1St Birthday - Gift Opening?

K.G. asks from Chicago

I am a new mom to a beautiful, active 10 month baby. I am starting to plan the birthday party. I am beginning to wonder about party etiquette. For example, should I ...


Umbrella Stroller?

S.E. asks from New York

im bored and I cant sleep so I figured id ask a question.. how old were your little ones when you started using an umbrella stroller (if you used one) Today I went s...


Laundry Soap?

M.S. asks from Spokane

What kind of laundry soap do/would you use/heard is the best for a baby that has sensitive skin? He is 9 weels old, and the doctor said that the rash that he comes a...


Step Daughter Getting Married

G.S. asks from Goldsboro

My step daughter is getting married in September. She will graduate in June, turn 19 in August and get married in September. I am really glad that she has decided t...


Mother in Law Babysitting Question

C.J. asks from New York

My mother in law watches my daughter for me 3 days a week at my house while I work and my sister watches her the other two days. I have no problems with my sister wat...