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Updated on November 09, 2011
L.J. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Hello ladies,

My best friend threw a baby shower for me about two weeks ago and I wanted to get her a thank you gift but I'm not sure what to get her.

Yes, I know she's my friend and I should know what she likes and doesn't like but I want this gift to be special to thank her for all the hard work she did and put into it and everything. I want it to be more than just a simple thank you.

Any ideas?

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answers from San Antonio on

More than a smiple thank you would be a nice thoughtful "We've been friends since phones had cords! I am so glad we're friends. I am so very thankful for all that you do for me both physically and emotionally. Thank you so much for all of the effort you put into throwing me a baby shower. Baby and I are incredibly thankful for your hard work and thoughtfullness."

Maybe a friendship bracelet (might make her giggle), but since y'al are now adults, get her a nice gold/silver bracelet instead of a string friendship bracelet.

or invite her to be the first to come see you and baby once y'all get home from the hospital.

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answers from Chicago on

This past spring I (along with my mom and my sisters' future MIL) threw my sister a bridal shower and at the shower she gave us a very nice thank you note and a really cute basket full of 'relaxing' goodies (bottle of wine, candle, loofah, and an assortment of bath items - bubble bath, body wash, lotion, etc). It was such a nice surprise!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Godiva Chocolates and a mani/pedi gift certificate!


answers from Columbia on

Without knowing what she likes, it's difficult to help you with this one. But here is a link to my very favorite "I need a gift but don't know what to get them" website. Their products are very high quality and I'm always finding things *I* love too!



answers from Dallas on

I'd get her a box of Embossed Graphics personalized stationary (very affordable!) or if she has kids of her own, a gift card to an online photo card company or a photo place for their family to get a portrait made:)

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