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How Much Crying Is Normal for a 5 Year Old?

I’d love some insight because my niece “Emily” seems to go straight to tears a LOT over just about any minor disappointment, and I’m not sure if that’s normal for a 5 year old or if I have unrealistic ideas about how well 5 year olds should be able to manage their emotions. She goes from zero to shrieking and sobbing about every 15 or 20 minutes. Not quite temper-tantrum level - she is usually (but not always) able to calm down and go about her business within 3-5 minutes. It’s just constant and it gets on my nerves. For...


Fidgety 5 Year Old

My daughter just turned 5 this past summer and is now in kindergarten. She...

Double Strollers

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Which Double Stroller?

I'm looking to buy another double stroller and wanted to see what other moms recommended. Currently I have the Graco Duo Glider. It's a good stroller, but very heavy and bulky. I'm considering a Sit N Stand, Jeep Side-by-side Double Stroller, and/or Double Jogging stroller. The stroller would be used for my 5 month old and 2 year old (or 4 year old when he's tired). Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks.


Double Stroller ???

I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by...

Jogging Strollers

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Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn't like and why... Thanks

Sit & Stand Strollers

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Sit N Stand Stroller

I have a three and a half year old boy and I am expecting our second in April. They will be 3 yrs 8 mo apart. Does anyone else have this or a similar age split? What did you do for a stroller? My son still enjoys stroller rides, but is content to walk a fair amount so I've been looking at Sit N Stand strollers. What is your favorite brand/style Sit N Stand and why? Any other thoughts on double strollers is apprieciated. Thanks


Sit 'N Stand Review

Does anyone have a double Sit 'n Stand stroller? If so, does it work for...

Umbrella Strollers

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Umbrella Stroller or Lightweight Stroller

Hello! We have a travel system for our little one but he will soon outgrow the car seat and the stroller is pretty heavy. The stroller is good ans sturdy to take him to the park but not for travelling. We may be going on a vacation soon and I was wondering what is the differenc in a lightweight stroller and an umbrella stroller?? which should I get for a quick trip to a store or a cruise or vacation? As alway your responses are much appreciated.