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Updated on April 23, 2008
R.G. asks from Holden, MA
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I have a 2 year old boy, and will have a new baby this fall (at which point my son will be 2 1/2). Should I invest in a double stroller, or would that be a total waste? Do they make strollers that can accomodate a snap-in car seat AND a seat for a toddler? I've never seen anything like that. Or, I guess I could carry the newborn in a sling while my son is in the stroller...any advice from other moms with two little ones?

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answers from Boston on

Yes,you should get a double stroller. I have 2 boys ages 1 and 3 now and we bought the Phyl and Teds double stroller from Tiny totland last fall and it is awesome. It is pricey but worth it. Instead of the seats being side by side they are actually front and back which makes it great for maneuvering. And you can lie the newborn down flat in the back and then it adjusts as the baby grows.

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answers from Boston on

hi :o)
i am pregnant with my 2nd due in end of july. I have a son who turned 2 yrs old in end of Jan. so he will be maybe 29 months in end of july when baby is due.

i did considering of buy double stroller.. i am not sure which is best for me side by side (jogger or maclaren style) or front and back stroller. we decide to not buy stroller til after baby born. i plan wears maya wrap sling with my newborn and look for right stroller. see how i feel and see how my 2 yrs son do with stroller. kolcroft double (front/back) stroller look nice but the review said it is heavy stroller. i am consider for graco's new double stroller more smaller than old graco duo stroller but i am concern about weight. the good jogger stroller can hold up to 100 or 150 lbs for both together. my mom sugguest me to get side by side stroller because my 2 yrs son is deaf and i want him to be able to see his baby sister and etc like that instead of sit in back or front and not be able to see his baby sister. so if we go for shopping like mall or small store, i will have to use my ingseilia umberlla stroller for my 2 yrs son with baby in sling as if we decide to get side by side stroller, that is something we have to think about. that s why we decided to wait til after baby born and see what fits us better. not easy decision, i know haha.

what you can do is use the comfortable sling to carry newborn for short while aand do stroller hunt with ur son to find what suit ya all better.



answers from Boston on

I think a double of some kind is a necessity. When my daughter, now 5 months, was born, our twins were 2 1/2 so we thought we could get away with the double for them and I could front pack the baby or one of the twins could walk and one could sit in the double with the baby. 2 1/2 year olds are not as cooperative as you might think LOL. We should have gotten a triple. We have the graco double stroller, which holds and infant car seat and has another seat. Congratulations and good luck!



answers from Boston on

We got a Joovy sit and stand extralight. It's great - space for the infant carrier, space for the toddler to sit or stand, really easy to open and close. The only thing is that it's big - probably won't fit in the trunk of a sedan. And expensive. And, honestly, we don't use it quite as much as I thought we would, because my three year old would rather walk than ride on the back. All that said, with the summer coming up, I'm glad to have it for trips to the park, mall, etc. If you are a fan of the sling/carrier, you might want to just stick with that for the beginning to see how much you need a stroller for two anyway. If you use it all the time, it's worth the investment, but they are pricey.

Sorry for my wishy-washy advice! If you do decide to go the stroller for two route, I do think the Joovy is a good one.



answers from Hartford on

Phil and Ted's all the way...versatile, easy to manuver...and'll look good. You can buy an attachment for the car seat if you want...but this stroller is super cool...both girls love's worth the $$$



answers from Pittsfield on

Hi R.,
Check out the Sit and stand strollers. They can be a double stroller, with one of the seats accomodating an infant seat, or the back seat can just be the step and little bench seat for the toddler. The only thing I didn't like about these was that they were hard to tip backward to get up over a curb. Now I have the Peg Perego Pliko-matic, which is a very lightweight stroller which has a step on the back for a toddler to stand on, but no jumpseat if he gets tired and wants to sit. It can accomodate an infant seat. I love this stroller, as it's so easy and lightweight. But it depends on how independent your son is. The best thing to do is to go on Ebay and search strollers. It's amazing what's out there now, and you can often get strollers on there for a fraction of the price of retail. Many of them are even new. I'm a mom of 6, soon to be 7, and I'm still looking for the perfect stroller -- can't tell you how many I've been through! Good luck.



answers from Boston on

Our children are 22 months apart. We bought the Phil & Ted's double stroller and love it. It has a smaller footprint than most double strollers making it easier to manuever in small spaces like stores.

The stroller. officially does not take a car seat and second child. However, unofficially, you can place a car seat on the stroller when it is in the infant position and also put the double attachment above it. The car seat isn't locked in so you need to be careful doing this.

We also just bought a double Chariot, which is a side by side stroller that converts to a bike and cross country ski trailer. We do lots of outdoor activities. The Chariot is much lighter than the Phil & Ted's but it is much wider and doesn't fit through narrow doors.

Our children seem to love both strollers, which is important to consider. Both strollers have good restraint systems and both have put the kids to sleep.

Good luck!

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