How to Wash a Stroller

Updated on April 12, 2012
D.S. asks from Miami, FL
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I will be donating my toddler’s Graco travel system to a young lady that’s expecting, but it’s been in my garage for a while and I need to clean it.
The car seat cover is not a problem because I took it off and washed it in the washer, but I don’t know how to wash the stroller (it needs it) other than take it outside and using laundry detergent, a brush and the hose; does anyone have easier, faster way on how to accomplish this cleaning?
Also, I have a Chico umbrella stroller and I left a sucker on the folded canopy; because of the heat, it somewhat melted and left a stain. The seating area also needs cleaning, how do you do that?
Thank you!

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answers from Appleton on

Put it in the shower and turn on warm water and close the curtain for a few minutes to soak it, then turn off water. Then just use a little all purpose cleaner or dish or laundry detergent on it. You may need a brush for stubborn spots.

Then put it out in the sun.

This works great for high chairs that have stuck on food also.

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answers from New York on

No, the best way I can think of is outdoors with a scrub brush and a hose. use some oxi clean, if the laundry detergent doesn't do the trick.

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answers from Chicago on

yeah, pretty much just hose it down and scrub it up. I am going to suggest you use vinegar/lemon juice/baking soda those are less likely to irritate any baby sensetivities.

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answers from Madison on

I think taking it out and spraying it down is the best...but I have to laugh...I can totally pictures watching a mom run a double stroller through the carwash!!



answers from Chicago on

My husband washed ours in one of those car washes where you use a soapy, sudsy brush to wash and rinse your car yourself.

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