Best Jogging Stroller?

Updated on November 05, 2009
C.S. asks from Miami, FL
8 answers

I want to start jogging with my 1-year-old and need a jogging stroller. I cannot afford a BOB but looking for a good one reasonably priced for under $250. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I purchased an InStep jogging stroller for around $130 and it does the job. I figured out I don't like jogging as much as I thought I would but realize it is important for my health to stay in shape. The InStep stroller is great for the "less serious jogger". Thanks to all who responded.

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answers from Orlando on

About a year ago I had the same dilemma. I wanted a BOB, but there was no way I could justify the cost! I searched around and finally ended up with the inStep - Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller. The best price I found was at Walmart ( and had it shipped for free to the store.

This one has a stationary wheel and is best for jogging. I've had a jogging stroller that did have a swivel wheel. It never really locked good enough for jogging and drove me crazy, so I finally got rid of it.

My son (2 years old) loves the stroller. Almost everyday when I get home from work - he gives me a hug and then runs for the stroller. Great motivation to keep running!!

Hope this helps!!!


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answers from Chicago on

Instep Safari w/ swivel wheel. Better than a Bob and cheaper. Handle adjusts, too.


answers from Orlando on

I have a BOB revolution (Free when I purchased my Stroller Strides franchise) and I love it!!
I have seen them on eBay, Play it again Sports, and at consignment shops.
I know Target sells the BOB for a little less than other "stroller" websites but it is still almost $400 free shipping helps a little. Make sure you get one you LOVE because you will want to use it for a long time. My friend has a 5 year old that will still ride in the BOB for runs with mom (and you burn tons of extra calories by pushing a stroller).
Your best bet would be to test out some jogers either borrow from friends, test drive in stores, read tons of reviews to make sure you have the stroller you love!
Good luck!



answers from Fort Myers on

I got a safety first jogger at Burlington Coat Factory for $150. Mainly for on roads. Also, the employees were extremely helpful!! :)



answers from Orlando on

I don't have a great suggestion on a stroller as I'm not fond of the one that we have, but I'd suggest that you try the store Play it Again Sports if you have one in your area. That's where we got ours from and they always seem to have them in stock.



answers from Tampa on

We have a BOB and love it. You may want to try to consignment store if you haven't already. They often have jogging strollers, and their prices on most things are reasonable. You may find that you can get a barely used high end brand for half the price.



answers from Sarasota on

I just got the Baby Trend Expedition LX at Babies R Us and I love it. It was on sale for $99, but I think it's regularly $119. It is so light and easy to handle. It has a swivel wheel which is fantastic for walking, but make sure to lock the wheel when you run. I highly recommend it!



answers from New York on

I bought a dreamer design jogging troller and loved it...i think around $250! I just bought a new one, and I cannot remember the brand, yet it is for a bigger child and my son is 4. I think it was was one the few that went past a certain weight range. I like the dreamer design bc it was a smoother ride and easy to turn. With the new one, I feel like i have to really push down on it to get it to steer the way I need it to. Look for one with an adjustable handle as well. I would go to babies r us and test then out. You will be able to feel the difference and it is not that easy to jog with a stroller so you better find one that is the most comfortable for you!

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