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Updated on June 26, 2007
K.P. asks from Kenosha, WI
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I am looking to purchase a Stand On double stroller and want some advice if you have any, please. My daughter is 4 1/2 but is very tall for her age (off hand I can't remember her height, but she is as tall as most 6 year olds). My son is 3. My son still often wants to sit in a stroller and my daughter usually does not, but when she does get tired I think the standing stroller (that also has the bench for the second child) is the way to go- but any advice on purchasing one or pros and cons for them? I think I have read that there are height restrictions for the standing child. Is my daughter going to be too tall (not really sure why there would be height restrictions for a standing child, but that is what the product description says).


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I have a sit and stand stroller for my 2 kids. It works out wonderfully, because like you my daughter wants to walk, but after a long day she gets tired and wants to sit. I like it. It is a bit longer than a regular stroller, but not as big as a double stroller, so manuevering it takes just a little more work, but it's not too bad. The only downside on mine is that the storage basket under the seats is smaller than my regular stroller so I can't fit as much into it, and it is a little awkward reaching it...since the sitting bench is right there. I also wish I had a cup holder for me. But other than that it works out great.

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I have the sit and stand stroller from Target. I love it and so does my 2.5 year old. I will tell you that with the 9 month old sitting in front and the 27 lb. 2.5 yr old in back, it's a lot of weight to push. The back bench & stand area has a strap that clips so my daughter doesn't fall out. Plus there are a total of 3 cup holders and a little compartment that has a lid. I got it from Target and it was about $130. Good luck!



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I have a sit and Stand as well. My kids are five and ten months. I love it! I have to agree with the storage though, there is not much room. But I suppose any double stroller doesn't have to much room either. Hope this helps.



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I agree with the other moms. I have the Joovy Sit and Stand. I think One Step Ahead also makes a sit and stand, but I read the reviews and Joovy was better. They also have one available at Target, but it was much heavier and longer than the Joovy. (I really did my research). I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and it's great. The only problem we have is when they are both sitting and bonk heads. They sell this brand at Babies R Us, but I bought mine from They had more colors available than Babies R Us and free shipping, plus some money off if you open a google checkout account. It arrived within a few days. I LOVE my Joovy.

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