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Jogging Stroller

S.G. asks from San Francisco

I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations on a single jogging stroller that folds up smaller. I have a VW Jetta. Although the trunk is a good size I just wa...


Jogging Stroller

S.K. asks from Rockford

I'm getting ready to purchase a jogging stroller and I'm seeking advice on which kind to buy. I am overwhelmed by all the choices available. This will be my first jo...


Jogging Stroller

K.S. asks from Charlotte

I am wanting to purchase a jogging stroller and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a brand or a particular one to get. I don't really do a lot of jogging,...


Jogging Stroller

G.B. asks from San Diego

I'm looking for a good jogging stroller. Any suggestions - easy to use (collapses easily), smooth ride and easy to handle & that I don't have to be a weight lifter t...


Jogging Stroller?

T.T. asks from Dallas

Anyone know of a good jogging stroller for an infant? I was a very avid runner before I was pregnant and would like to get back into it. I am looking for a good jogg...


Jogging Stroller

V.P. asks from Dallas

Hi I am shopping for a jogging stroller, but can't decide if I want one where the front wheel moves or if it is even a big difference. I'm looking at doing marathons,...


Jogging Stroller

T.G. asks from Seattle

I'm looking into purchasing a jogging stroller. I’m looking for something that I can take on long runs, and when my son gets older trail runs. I’ve done a litt...


Jogging Stroller

A.A. asks from Phoenix

Hi guys. I am going to start training for the Rock and Roll marathon and I need to get a jogging stroller. I want a good one but I dont want to spend a ton of money. ...


Jogging Stroller

J.A. asks from San Diego

I've been jogging with my son for a year and a half. I have a Jeep jogger (stationary, large wheels) and it is a pain to maneuver, but very stable. I jog at the beach...


Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

J.H. asks from Atlanta

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn...